September 30, 2009

A New Candle

I am smitten by a new type of candle.

Yesterday, at Target, I wondered down the candle aisle to check their candle stock. This time of year I start go crazy with candles and I need to start stocking up.

While looking around I discovered they have candles without flames. Really COOL ones. They are made of wax on the outside and made to look like they have been used a little, and they even have scent. Some even have timers to turn on all by themselves - - how cool it that! Now I may be behind the times a little but I feel like it's Christmas early for me this year, I'm just so excited about these candles.

I pick up a votive size with a vanilla scent(my fav) to try out. It seemed a little spendy at $4.99 to me, but I had to check it out.

After impatiently waiting for sunset, I was pleased to discover that they worked beautifully. I am now saving my pennies to spend on more. Automatic pillar candles watch out because here I come.

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