October 15, 2009

Curtains: Dropcloth Style

I have received so many compliments on my new curtains for the Family Room I thought I would show how I made them.

Since seeing Layla's dropcloth curtains over on her blog The Lettered Cottage I have wanted to make my very own. And I had the perfect place for them.

I first laid out the fabric on the floor, then cut the ribbon to length. I used two different widths of ribbon, 1/2 and 1 inch.
Next I used my husbands T-square measuring thingy (I think it is used to hang drywall - not sure though) to draw straight lines. Next I pinned the ribbon onto the dropcloth.

Look, I even have a "helper"

After all the ribbon was pinned on I took out my sewing machine and went to work. I'm sure iron on adhesive would have worked also, but I'll use any excuse to breakout the sewing machine.

And there you have it, perfectly wonderful dropcloth curtains.

I think Layla would be proud.


  1. Layla would definitely be proud. You've inspired me to try this. I love it.

  2. I think Layla would be proud too!

  3. They really are wonderful. You did a great job. Mimi

  4. Fantastic job! I love the thought of using drop cloths...and adding ribbon what a great idea!! Your ribbons look straight too which must have been pretty hard.

    I cant believe it snowed there...that is early no? Last year it snowed here on Oct 28 which is very early for us. Did not last though...(luckily) I hope it does not snow until December!

  5. Very nice! Got here via Layla's blog via Apartment Therapy this morning (sometimes it's nice to know the path people took to get somewhere). Love the idea of the drop cloth drapes but they need some embellishment, and I LOVE your ribbon idea. Crisp and clean ... it's great.

  6. They look amazing! Great job, we LOVE them!!!

    Kevin and Layla


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