October 20, 2009

Halloween Craftiness

I'm feeling crafty!
Since I needed to finish up my Halloween decorating out came the black paint and glitter. I had to think real hard - almost giving myself a headache - and "bing" an idea came to me.
I started with this - (bet you can guess where this is going) - A basic wide wood frame from Micheals.
Next came the fun part - painting and GLITTERING! I always forget how much I love to glitter stuff up. It's just so darn messy and fun - who could hate it!
A shot of this in an attempt to keep my glitter in place.

And there you have it. A glittery, fabulous black frame. OH, I LOVE IT! I love it so much I made TWO!

My final step was adding a cute little Halloween stamp. So cute!

I added both new frames to my dinning room display. All year round this shelf area is a constant thorn in my side. I never know what to do with it - but come Halloween it's the perfect place for my glitter silhouette houses. Last year Micheals sold them unfinished and I was hoping to pick up some more this year but bummer they don't have them. They did have the tree and the BOO. Both received a coat of paint and glitter also this morning. See I told you I love glitter. I find it impossible to stop until the glitter runs out. Little Ms. Z thinks I'm mean since I won't share! Ha! get your own kid, this glitter is mine! (ok I'm not that mean - I did dig out some left over Easter glitter and let her go to town)
I think I'll pick up a few flameless votive candles to scatter around for some nighttime sparkle and then it's done.

What do you thing?
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  1. lOVE it! I am going to make one today!

  2. So cute (and spooky!) I think votives would be a nice add.
    pk @ Room Remix

  3. I LOVE IT! What kinda glitter do you use? It's so extra sparkly.

  4. Love the glitter frames, adds that special touch

  5. I love this! I've been glittering everything too! It's almost addicting!:)

  6. So fun. I love glitter. I love that!


  7. Glittering is so fun. Love that frame. Mimi

  8. Robin, that glittery paint is such fun! I haven't seen this and will have to look for it.

    I have got to say that I love your entry closet featured above. I love the color with the coats popping off it it. SO cute! What color is that? Yellow? And the bead board looks so good. I have it in several places in our St. A. house. Yours looks adorable.


    Sheila :-)

  9. OOOooh Robin, I love the black glitter! And those houses are too adorable!

  10. You just have to love anything black and glittery. They look great. Thanks for sharing.


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