October 28, 2009

Walking With My Girls

This time every year the girls and I enjoy evening walks together. It is one of my favorite fall activities. The air is cool, the views are beautiful and I'm able to spend some time catching up with the three little girls I love the most. Within a couple weeks flashlights will be required, and much to the girls delight "flashlight walks" will commence.


  1. I love walking at this time of year too. In our neighborhood you can crunch all the leaves on the ground. I love that sound. Too cold today. Never got out of the 30's. Mimi

  2. That looks like a lot of fun, Robin. I used to love to walk with my parents and also with my grandmother's next door neighbor, Mr. John. He was the sweetest gentleman I ever knew. And he walked with a cane and a three piece suit. ;-) Does that date me?

    Listen I have a burlap project that I think would amaze you. Pop over when you get a chance...




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