January 8, 2010

Beautiful Rustic Barn

Do you like taking pictures?
Me too!
I enjoy it so much I don't think a day goes by in which I don't take a least a couple. I'm not the best photographer and I only use a point-and-click type camera but with the help of Picnik I am normally very happy with my photos. I'm always impressed with the photos of others showing smiling families in front of rustic backdrops. I find myself wondering "where to people find these places"?

Well........I found a place.
Over the holidays we went to my parents home. They share a driveway with Farmer Larry. He has a wonderful old barn that hasn't been used in the twenty some years I've know it, and it is literally right in their front yard. The barn has always seemed part of mom and dad's, although it isn't. I was happily snapping pictures of the barn in all its winter glory and realized it was the perfect backdrop. Of course I snapped a million more pictures and plans began to form in my mind. Hurry up Spring or at least a mild winter day - I've got plans and can't stand to wait.
Here she is, isn't she perfect!

A rustic door, the weathered wood is so pretty. I can just see one of my lovely little ladies framed in the doorway.Or how about this door? Aren't the hinges fabulous, oh and the little rustic window in the middle - so cool!
Or how about a poise in front of this fabulous brick foundation. The poor little window looks like it's seen better days but it would also be so fun in a photo.
And last but not least, this wonderful rusty sign. Boy would I love to get my hands on it. It would look great hanging in my family room.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. Here's one more beauty before I go.

Talk to you tomorrow, Robin


  1. Super pictures, Robin! That barn has a lot of charm.

    And yes, I love taking pics, too.


    Sheila :-)

  2. I love that barn! I think you takr great pictures.

  3. That barn is such a perfect background. Your pictures are so great. Mimi

  4. oh I've fallen in love - with an old barn!! So wonderful!

  5. Oh she is a beauty! (I've decided the barn is a girl) Many years ago I told my husband I'd like to create a coffee table book filled with photos of old barns. He thought I was crazy. Now I find such a thing already exists, plus there are barn calenders etc. Guess I'm not so crazy after all!

  6. What gorgeous photos, thanks so much for sharing. I grew up on a farm with a big, red barn and I will always remember playing in the hayloft and chasing after barn cats.


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