January 14, 2010

Have You Tried This: Bounce Dryer Bar

Bounce Dryer Bars are AMAZING!
No more annoying dryer sheets stuck inside pant legs. Just stick the bar to your dryer drum and your good to go! Four two months!
Give it a try!


  1. I haven't seen it in any stores around here but I'll check it out next time I go. Your baby things turned out so cute. Did you use a pattern? If so which one for the little booties? They are adorable. Mimi

  2. I've wondered about those, thanks for the tip! Your baby things are awesome, especially love the booties! cute, cute, cute Lezlee

  3. Hi Robin,
    Very nice baby gift you made!! The sale is this weekend at HQ if you have time to make it and I'll be working 1-5 on Sat!
    I haven't tired the dryer bar...very interesting.
    Deb :)


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