January 12, 2010

Heat Wave Coming Our Way!

I feel like I should dig out my summer clothes and throw a party. We might reach 32 degrees today - - finally warm enough to enjoy our winter wonderland.
This mornings view of the park behind our house was breathtaking. The trees were frosted and everything was a lovely blue tint. Talk to you tomorrow, Robin


  1. Truly a winter wonderland. Mimi

  2. You and I are in the same boat....today might get up to 35 here which I will take! There is a beauty to winter though...like your beautiful tree (great photo!).

    I really love your barn photos...we have lots of barns around here too. I just love them.



  3. That is a beautiful view. But I got ta tell ya... you can HAVE all of that snow girlfriend!! Brrr. Double Brrr. Brrr some more!


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