February 23, 2010

Tutorial: Building A Farmhouse Table

Since rearranging my living room I’ve wanted another table to place by the sofa.

My search began, and ended – in one day
Why are side tables so expensive? I needed a plan B.

Out came my inspiration book, and plan B emerged.

Armed with this inspiration photo and a measuring tape I headed to Menards for supplies.
(I've had this clipping for ages.  Don't remember where is came from, most likly Country Home)

Step 1:  Table Sides
First cut the 1x4's to size.
Next, using wrapping paper, make a template for the curve and traced it onto the 1x4’s, then cut out with a jigsaw.

Next attach the four 1x4's together.  Make sure to predrill holes. I used 1 1/2" deck screws. It should look like this.

Step 2:  Table Legs
Cut the 2x3 to length.
Attach to table sides. 

(I used the table top as a flat surface to work on)

Cut 1x2 to fit inside the table legs for support and attach with screws, making sure its level before attaching.

Step 3:  Shelf
At the last minute I decided to add a shelf.  Who doesn't like a little more storage?

Using a 1x12 I had already, I notched the outer corners of the board so it would sit on top of the leg supports.  Attach with screws from the bottom.

Step 4:  Add Table Top
To attach the top, flip the whole table upside down and place onto the board you will use for the table top. Attach using 1 ½” L-brackets.

I centered the table onto the table top, making sure the ends matched up, then the side matched up. Once I knew it was all centered I marked all the corners just in case it moved a little I could easily line it all back up (this is an important step if you have “helpers” like I did)

Once the L-brackets are attached, flip it over and TA-DAAAAAA!  A table!

Step 5:  Paint and Distress
 I skipped the priming step and dove right into painting, using a flat black paint for the base coat and Cottage White for the top coat. Once dry, I sanded the edges with fine grit sandpaper to make the base coat show. Halfway through sanding, I decided I wanted to see more of the black so I switched to medium grit sandpaper. To finish it off I used Minwax Wipe-On Poly in satin as a top coat to protect it.
That's it!  So easy.  It took me about three hours with MANY, MANY interruptions and two little “helpers”

This is my finished project! 
I'm so proud, even Mr. J was impressed when he saw it - now that's saying something!

It looks really white in my photo but in real life it is much more creamy and beat up looking.  Here's a look at the distressing.
I did a quick job decorating it by swiping a lamp from family room, a basket from the girls room and a little wire basket I picked up last night filled with a couple favorite kid books.  Here's how my lovely table looks in the room.

Love how tall and narrow it is.  It's easy to grab something off the top while sitting on the sofa, without having to stretch over the soft arm. Plus, I think I'll be able to use it in the dinning room as a sideboard come Thanksgiving.

And it was CHEAP!  A little under $20

Materials List…

1 – 16 X 36” glued edges board (top)

2 – 2X3X8’ (legs)

1 – 1X2X10’ (leg supports)

1 – 1X4X8’ (sides)

Hope you like it - - I love it! 

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  1. It looks GREAT but you make it look so easy! I love how its tall so you don't have to reach down. I wish I knew how to use the power tools!

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  7. Wow, awesome job. One thing I cannot do is build something. Hubby can though.

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    And I love your new finds, the little cow is too cute!

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