February 17, 2010

Makeover: A Dresser

This past summer I painted a hand-me-down dresser we received from my in-laws to make it more “me”. At the time, I loved it but lately it seemed a little too white.

Repainting was in order.

I picked a new color: Cottage White by Behr and some new brushed nickel hardware. I also distressed it slightly by sanding down a few areas (doesn't seem to show up in the pictures, but it's just the right amount of distressing for me).

Here's the "new" desser.
And since I had the paint out, I did Mr. J's also.


  1. They look fantastic! I love rehabbing dressers like that ...a coat of paint and new pulls or knobs can work wonders!

  2. They look great! The new hardware really changes the look ~ it's like having a new piece all over again.

  3. This looks so great. I love the handles.

  4. Looks great..isn't it wierd how different whites can be?

  5. I'm loving the creamier white. Looks so much warmer. Mimi


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