May 24, 2010

Mom's Garden

Mom's garden is always beautiful - - always inspiring.  She comes from a long line of green thumbs and I'm proud to say it's rubbed off on me.  Throughout her property she has many garden beds scattered around but my favorite is her circle garden.  It's nestled near a towering pine tree that must be at least a hundred years old - it's big! 

The garden is encircled with stones, it's layout is four circular pie shaped beds with a circle bed in the middle boasting a beautifully rustic birdbath.  The main pathway is paved in bricks, as is the entrance path curving around the giant pine tree.  She's also added an arbor over one entrance, gazing balls, and a rabbit weather vane.

Mom's garden seems to explode in mid to late spring and blooms like crazy until frost.  It's always a treat to wander around the garden admiring the blooms as mine weakly stumbles along until mid-July.  This past weekend I took a few quick photos to share with you.  Mom's garden is constantly inspiring me and maybe it can inspire you also.   

Hope you enjoy. 
(don't mind the garden hose - pesky reality!)

Have a great day,



  1. Wow, your mom's garden is incredible Robin!

  2. WOW!! her garden is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing.
    have a fabulous day!

  3. Envision watering the long lines of plants without a hose and you will get a thought regarding how valuable it is and how particularly dismissed it is as far as significance.


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