June 7, 2010

Delightful Storage

Remember a while back when I was so excited about this find?

Today I’m even more excited. This weekend I figured out the perfect way to use it. I have to give a shout out to Tara of Blondie N SC for getting my wheel spinning on this one - -Thanks Tara. After noticing the way she used a train case in her beautiful guest bedroom makeover, I was determined to attempt something similar with mine.

Hmmm, it has a tray inside, and a kid proof latch!


It’s the perfect place to store my makeup!

But first, she needed a little TLC. The exterior is in perfect condition but the inside lid liner was falling out. I attempted to reattach it, but after many failed attempts I ripped that sucker out.

After raiding my fabric stash for a perfect scrap of fabric I laid it upside down inside the lid and using a pencil traced along the outside. Removed it and cut out the shape.

Next, using my hot glue gun I slowly worked my way around the edges gluing and pressing until the fabric was attached.
To cover the raw edges I used a little trim which I also hot glued on.


It just keeps getting better. Love how it turned out.

Now for the fun part - - Arranging my makeup!

(Seriously, I never use to be a makeup type of girl, but lately I am.

I blame it all on YouTube makeup tutorials.

I innocently went looking for tips on applying brow liner for my mom and before I knew what was happening I was watching hours of tutorials and rushing out to the store to buy makeup! Crazy!)

So what do you think? Perfect right!

Here she is with the tray removed.

Since were on the subject of makeup, I’ll take this opportunity to show you my current favorites
(darn you YouTube – see what you’ve done to me!)

Let’s start with the Urban Decay Ammo palette. Now Urban Decay is new to me but I seriously LOVE IT. With this palette you have to be careful – some of the colors are super, super glittery. My two favorite colors, Sin and Smog are shimmery not glittery. You can buy all their color individually but I’m all about lots of colors to play with.
Next up, NYX Eyeshadow Palette. Here are my two favorites; #03 Champagne and Caviar, and #01 Jazz Night. Both are beautiful and most of the colors are slightly shimmery. Plus their cheap, $10 at Ulta – can’t beat that! I do have to warn you though, I talked my sister into trying it and she doesn’t like it at all. She thought it was so powdery and didn’t stay on all day. I personally have not had that problem and I use it most days.
Next, My MAC ProPalette. This is also a first for me. I love that you can pick your colors and add them to this cute little case. They have oodles of colors to choose from ranging from matte to super glittery.

Next up, Smashbox. I picked up their Brow Tech & Cream Eye Liner Palette and just love it. The Eye Liner is easy to apply with an angled brow brush. Very creamy but dries quickly. Very much a new favorite and I use it almost every day.
Finally, a favorite of mine for a couple years now, Clinique’s eye shadow in Peacock (sorry about the glare). I use it as an eye liner, applying it with an angled brush and it gives a little pop of color. I normally wear it with a slightly shimmery brown color on my lids. Super quick and easy and it looks really good.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. 
Have a great day.


  1. Well Tara is fabulous of course. What a great idea and look at you totally redoing that case. It looks great. I love make up. It just makes me happy for some reason. Now you have a special place for it:)

  2. great vintage Ka~boodle! Lezlee

  3. love your makeover on the suitcase - and wow, nice make up collection. I'm suddenly ashamed of mine. I need a make over on my make up.

  4. HI! Your suitcase is darling! You always come up with the most charming projects. I bought an old train case last year and use it to hold all my small sewing things. My sister even uses one when she travels - it's adorable when she carries it.
    Love the makeup show and tell...I don't know the first thing about makeup. I'm girly but I've never really gotten the hang of it. Throw a little mascara on and I'm good to go! :)

    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  5. hey darling, thank you for the shout out, I love what you did with the case, perfect!!!! I am no good at makeup, thanks for showing us what you love! sorry this took me so long to get here, I have been having way too much fun! xoxo


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