November 2, 2010

Cottage Style Magazine

This past weekend I picked up the newest copy of Cottage Style Magazine.

New issues always make me excited! 
And Cottage Style is by far one of my favorite publication.

It takes me hours to read the whole thing.

First I flip through looking only at photos.

Next I read everything and study each photo. 
Analyzing colors, furniture placement and hardscape items like walls and floors. 
Along the way I'll make notes highlighting my favorite elements.

Finally, I'll flip through the photos and notes one more time to make sure I didn't miss anything!

I may be crazy.  It may be over the top.
But I love the process!

How about you. 
Do you devour magazines in a similar fashion?

Which leads me to another question.
What's your favorite magazine?

Until tomorrow,


  1. Hi Robin,
    I do the same thing! I could spend hours and hours reading the same magazine - especially if it's cottage style or country home, which I'm so happy they brought back. I like to be all by myself too when I read them - my husband thinks it's a crazy ritual!
    Happy November! :)

  2. Hi Robin! There is nothing more fun than when I go to the mailbox and there is a magazine waiting for me. I can't say I have a favorite, but magazine reading is definitely one of my favorite things to do.

  3. Just got mine on Saturday and I'm loving it. I wait til everyone goes to bed, and then I stay up, sipping at hot tea and enjoying each page/picture.

  4. Yes! I love Cottage Style magazine too!

  5. Ooh...a fresh new magazine is so exciting to receive in the mail! My favorite all time magazine was Cottage Living...RIP. My favorite mag now is Midwest Living...I run right home from the post office and do the first flip through...then read page by page over the course of a few weeks.

  6. We use the exact same method...and I adore magazines! Lezlee

  7. Hi Robin, yes...I do the same thing, it might take me a couple days but I love it! I don't get as many magazines as I used to, I miss them.
    I did order the Holiday magazine from Matthew mead and I'm excited to get it! Glad you stopped over!

  8. Oh yes, I love to devour many magazines but my favorites are gardening magazines. I just get so excited I can't stand it, particularly in late winter :)

  9. I keep alot of the good ones forever. I'm getting fewer now that I'm blogging. Mimi

  10. Wow, Robin! That's a really good question. I actually read my magazines very much like you do, and that one is a definite favorite. Thanks for the heads up.

    My very favorite? Good question. Let's see, I liked "Cottage Home" which is no longer being printed, and I liked "Southern Accents" and "House and Garden" which are also no longer in print. For many years, "Traditional Homes" was my favorite, but it seems to be less so in recent years.

    I liked the former editor of "House Beautiful," and I have followed him to "Town and Country." His first issue was great! I also like the specialty magazines by "Better Homes" where they will take the best of their issues and combine in one magazine. And I like to read some of the British decor magazines and buy the best ones at Barnes & Noble. Oh, and "La Claire Vie" is always a treat. I love Claire Murray!


    Sheila :-)

  11. I can relate to the way you look through it. I do the same, but only for magazines of this nature. I also love Romantic Homes, Victoria, Southern living. But I would have to say your pick is at the top of my list. Love your blog; I am now a follower.

  12. Hi Robin, I only look at the I'm six years old! LOL!!! It drives my Sister crazy, but it's true...I also love Country Living. Thank you for your lovely visit!

  13. I flipped through this the other day in the check out line. Sounds like I need to go back and get it.


  14. Argh! Is this a monthly magazine I've been missing or is it one of those Better Homes special interest once-in-a-while ones? In any case, I'm going to have to check it out. I miss Cottage Living. But now I look forward most to House Beautiful. Love my mags. I have to look away when I'm in the checkout line so I don't buy everything there ;-) PS Thanks for coming by L&C and following!

  15. I love getting my magazines in the mail. I wait till I have a few minutes to myself and pour some tea or glass of wine and enjoy!

  16. I love these magazines! They are just me! My style. I want to know what issues of Cottage Style I have missed. I have been buying them at the news stand.

  17. I can't find online...and I can't find a way to order. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.Pennie


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