November 14, 2010

Fun Finds {3}

Happy Monday Everyone!

Snow arrived here on Saturday - wet, heavy snow!

My back may be grumbling a bit, but my heart is singing!

The first snow of the season is always so beautiful and exciting.

Despite the snow, I managed to make a quick stop in at my local thrift store.

Look what was waiting there for me . . .

I've had an obsession with gravy boats lately . . . oh, and silver . . .

...together it's all too lovely.

The small stack of white ironstone underneath this silver beauty also came home with me.

They have a unique shape which I'm sure will mix happily with my current collection.

Until tomorrow,



  1. Love your finds Robin!!! The gravy refined. It all looks beautiful together.

  2. Great finds at the thrift store today...lucky you! White dishes are the best, so timeless. We had a little snow last night too, but it melted away already.

  3. Ohhh...I love silver gravy boats in particular! That is gorgeous and the white ironstone is always lovely, too. Great finds, gf.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Me again,
    I didn't tell you that we don't have any snow yet and we live in Manitoba, Canada. I hear there are flurries in the forecast for tomorrow. We'll see! Glad you got some. I LOVE snow, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Yay! I love it. You can't have too many pretty little creamer/pitchers can you?

    Snow? Where are you Robin?


  6. Great finds! The ironstone is so pretty.
    Yes, I love the first snow too! It's so pretty while smelling so clean and crisp outside. Any time it snows is fine with me. Miss it so much. Lucky you!

  7. Robin,
    Lovin your new silver gravy boat too!!! I also love your PRETTY header:)


  8. The ironstone looks lovely with the silver. I like that gravy boat, too...


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