November 17, 2010

Lovely Candles

This time of year I'm surely not the only one digging out candles and enjoying the warm,  cozy feeling they give a room.  Not to mention their scent.

With small children around I'm always VERY careful and tend not to use them very often.

That is until I discovered flameless candles!

I've talked about these before but I recently picked up a few more since I love them so much.

Most have a vanilla scent, which is perfect for me.

I picked this package up at Target in the Christmas department for $15 and guess what!

They have timers! 
You set the switch to timed and it comes on at the same time every day.  Automatically turning themselves off after four hours!

What more could a busy, stressed out mommy need!
(other than an hour of complete silence and chocolate - - lots of chocolate)

I can't tell you how excited I am about these.

For now I have them in my hutch until I find the perfect place for them.

After a long day and gruelling workout at the gym I come home to flickering candlelight and the scent of vanilla . . .

. . . all with no worries!

until tomorrow,


  1. ohhh lovely is right! What a find! Gonna go snag some of those next time I'm at Target! If only they were on an endcap for clearance prices! Then life would be perfect....if you have a stash of chocolate - of course.

  2. I REALLY need some of these....especially after walking off and leaving TWO lit candles going IN MY HOUSE while I was gone to the bus stop. YIKES! And if you find that hour of silence and chocolate I'm coming over. ;-)

  3. Ooh, I am so excited! I love scented candles but hate the fear of starting a fire. I have heard so many bad stories about candles and the fires that have been started by them! I will definitely look for these. Thanks!

  4. I know this candles. But that I had seen could still change the color, but had no fragrance. Ideal for the terrace, when it's windy.

    Thank you for remember! ;)

    Greetings VINTAGE

  5. I love these!! I didn't know that they had a timer!! Wonderful!!

  6. I have been using Scentsy candles like it's going out of style. I love having burning candles, but I think I gotta try these.


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