November 30, 2010

Obsessed With . . .


Ok! maybe not sideboards exactly, maybe side-dressers would be a better description.

Lately I've decided that I have the perfect place for one and I can't stop thinking/dreaming about it.

I've rounded up a few examples of what I'm looking for.

(Country Living)

(Southern Living)

(Blossoming Visions)

Pretty right!  And so functional.

Do you like this look too! 
Or maybe your already a proud owner.  I sure would like to know how you like it and if you think it's something to keep looking for or if you think I should let the dream go.

Wishing you all a snappy day,


  1. I really like the last image. Good luck with your search and yes, keep looking.


  2. I love all the images. Hope you find something. When you do, you must share!!

  3. I have a sidedresser and love it!!...for some reason never looked for a side board...a sidedresser sounds a lot more fun to me!!

  4. I love this look to! We have a nook that our t.v. sits in now, but I'm thinking when we move it might be cute to get a dresser, paint it super pale aqua and place the t.v. on top. Hmmm, we'll see. Good luck with your search. :)

  5. Hallo Robin, I'm happy you're my follower!
    Don't stop reading: one of these days I will have a REALLY GORGEOUS giveaway...!
    xoxo Silvia


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