November 8, 2010

Tarnished Loveliness

My fascination with tarnished silver has not diminished - - much to the disgust of my hubby. 

Most of it was pack away for the summer. 
Silly little me has declared it my fall/winter decor. 
Each spring I pack it away, pulling out things like mason jars, ironstone and clear glass instead. 
Anything light and bright.

But now the days are growing shorter -- the temperature cooler and
I've begun to crave texture and warmer colors.

The allure of something tarnished has been whispering to me.

When I saw these two beauties at the thrift store this past weekend the whispering morphed  . . .
into an all out scream!


I love their shape and texture.

I carried them around the store, not wanting them out of my sight,
- yet - 
knowing the last thing I really needed was another set of candlesticks.

In the end I talked myself into it.

My tarnished loving heart thanks me!

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Dear Robin,

    the candle holders similar to those on convent tables in monasteries. Great!


  2. I'm with you when it comes to silver. Great find!


  3. They're beautiful! Never pass up tarnished silver candleholders!
    I put my silver away too in the spring. I need to get mine out because I'm definately feeling the need for some warmth and winter decorating.
    Happy fall...for a little while longer. :) fingers crossed.

  4. They are gorgeous!!! Really..who can pass up some great silver????

  5. I love those! I am getting back into silver mode too! It is perfect for the holidays...



  6. OH!!! Your new silver candle holders are GORGEOUS!
    Hugs, Cindy


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