December 21, 2010

My friend Michelle has informed me that I'm expected to WRAP all the gifts I've purchased!

Since then, I've been searching for a little inspiration.

Something quick, easy, and pretty.

Because let's face it, gift wrapping rates very low on my fun meter!

Normally this would be my plan of attack when faced with a mountain of gifts to be wrapped.

Step one:
Grumble my way to the store. Grudgingly pick out a few rolls of paper that aren't a shock to the eyes.
Proceed to checkout lane only to discover I forgot to pick up tape!
Throw a hissy fit as I march my grumpy butt to the tape aisle.

Step two:
 Hastily wrap each gift,
 holding the paper on with two, maybe three pieces of tape.
You know, just enough to make sure it stays on until the kids rip it to shreds.

Step three:
Slap on one of those bows from a bag.

I'm done.

Not very festive of me - I know.

Hence the search for a little inspiration.

I think I've found it!
(Better House and Garden)

Cute.  Simple.  Pretty.

I think even I can handle this!

To be honest, I'm sure a few will be wrapped using my normal method.

How about you.

Are you still digging your way out from under a mountain of gifts to wrap?

until tomorrow,


  1. What, I have to wrap; isn't that what gift bags are for? :)Just kidding! :) I used to love to wrap, but now I seem to wait till the last minute to wrap everything at once, and then I get crabby. I love your inspiration! :) Happy wrapping!

  2. Love the story....Sounds like me, I always forget something even if I bring a list...and yes, I have a mountain of stuff still to wrap. Have a great Christmas!

  3. I'm that rare person who actually likes to wrap! I do! I usually do it at night when everyone else is gone to bed and I'll put on some Christmas music or watch and old Christmas movie. I find it relaxing and part of my Christmas fun.
    Y'all don't hate me now do you?!! lol

  4. LOL!! Robin you make me laugh!! That sounds like what I do on the THIRD trip to the store because I NEVER buy enough to finish wrapping!!! Grrrr, still have to go out and buy more tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to see what you do!! Sorry, I broke the news to you about the wrapping! ;)

  5. Ha, ha! We think alike. I hate wrapping. Gift bags are the way to go! I only fancifully wrap gifts for people who I know will appreciate it (definitely not my kids!). Good luck with all your wrapping!

  6. Frankly, I hate wrapping gifts although I appreciate seeing ones that are beautifully done and I can (with some effort) do a pretty good job...but I really use mostly bags.

  7. I kind of like wrapping if I have lots of time and nothing else to do. NOT at this time of year. Why oh why do I leave it all to the last minute? Have a wonderful Christmas with your cute little family. Mimi

  8. Hi Robin,
    I hope you had a very happy, wonderful Christmas! Happy New YEar to YOU!!
    Hugs, Cindy


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