December 16, 2010

Quick and Easy Christmas Decorating: part one

I like nothing better than a quick easy project.

Thought you might enjoy taking a peak at a few I have scattered around my house.

My favorite of course involves a reindeer!

 A shape cut out of cardboard from a cereal box.
A little paint . . . 

apply glitter . . .

then attach to a white platter using tape!

This little guy looks so pretty don't you think?

The next project I used a cereal box again. 

But added feathers!

One small feather boa from the craft store wrapped around a cardboard circle.

After adding a bow and hanging from a pretty picture frame, she fit's right in with my decor.

Finally, artwork.

Two pretty Christmas cards placed in a frame adds a nice touch.

until tomorrow,

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  1. love that feather boa wreath! what a simple and gorgeous idea!

  2. What Cute Ideas. The feathered wreath on my mantel was also made from a feather boa. Love it hanging in the frame. Where did you find the raindeer template??

  3. Beautiful Robin!!! I love them all! Boa's are the just the best things ever! :)

  4. Very cute, Robin! Love the reindeer on the white plate. It really makes a statement! I never think to use the cardboard from cereal boxes but you see it done all over blog-land. All great ideas!

    Take care,

  5. Very cute ideas! My favorite is the glittered reindeer. It really adds extra pizzaz!

  6. Dear Robin, you're so right! The quickly things are the best. And the bow you can use after Christmas, too. I have one in my sleeproom like yours and it looks great!

    I send you many kinds of regards


  7. The boa wreath is just perfect!!!! It is such a
    great look....Have a Great Holiday.

  8. I love the boa too! You have done a great job with some cardboard, glitter and feathers! It looks awesome!

  9. I love that you used cereal boxes...and I so love your reindeer...too cute! Oh...and I'm in Nebraska...and it's brrrr over here ;o)

  10. So amazing!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  11. Your ideas are not only quick and easy, but they are adorable! Merry Christmas!! ~Marlee

  12. Oh loving these ideas! The deer is so cute and I have a white feather wreath somewhere that I didn't find this year! Probably in a box under a box under another box... I love them and sitting just inside the frame it looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday and Happy Holidays!

  13. All of your holiday touches are so pretty. What a great way to use a cereal box! Love the little dear!

  14. Love all of your great touches! Very creative and pretty stuff going on at your house.

    Just signed up to be a follower. Look forward to getting to know you better.


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