January 21, 2011

The Bathroom

Our poor main bath is in need of some attention.

It's a windowless, small room and I would really like to add a little personality to the space.

A while back I made few changes that made a world of difference.

After adding the shelves . . .

A new ruffled shower curtain . . .

And painting the cabinets white . . .

I stopped.  Thinking I'd take a break and then come back to it.

That was almost a year ago.

Now the yellow walls seem very harsh,

the ugly lighting it looking more and more gross . . .

And the cracks in the flooring are getting bigger.

(can you see I still haven't replaces the baseboards after adding the beadboard!  So sad!)

Paint is the first order of business, I just can't stand the wall any longer.

The last few months I've been leaning towards painting the walls a pale grey color
(hubby was not happy with that - at all -  thinking it will look too blah!).

But then I saw this photo. . .

I can't shake it. 
I'm obsessing about it - I lay in bed at night while I'm supposed to be sleeping thinking about it. 
I love the white walls, the chrome faucet, and the pops of pale turquoise and blues.

I like the idea of creamy white walls, thinking it would be super easy to change things up with different colored accessories and towels.  I'd keep the white cabinets and beadboard, adding color with frames and accessories.

Yet I hesitate!

These colors are sooooo far out of my normal color range I'm afraid to take the leap.

So I'm hoping that my wonderful blogging friend will convince me to take the leap, tell me it will be OK - that it's a good possibility it will be fabulous!

Can you help me out?


  1. Do it! Do it!
    I think painting it white or even a light grey will make it look tons bigger.
    I'm in love with your little cubby and shelves and Love your shower curtain.

  2. Love the shelves and beadboard-I would def go with whites and creams-a real shabby chic look! Claire

  3. I really like the beadboard cubby and that shower curtain is so pretty.
    You get the "go for it" from me too! It sounds like this is where you want to go so do it my friend! You'll create your own fresh spin on it and it will look lovely.

  4. I think it would be wonderful. I love it. Just go for it. It's only paint and you really will love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hi Robin,
    I say go for it!!! Then maybe I will too, I am sick to death of yellow. I haven't told dear hubby yet, though, because I know he will hit the ceiling!!!! We can't live with the same color forever, though, and there comes a time for a change. And I have been thinking of a light turquoise and a pale blue...GO FOR IT!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I like the new color idea...But keep the shelves they are awesome!

  7. Go for the white. It will be so pretty!! And you're right, with a light backdrop, changing out accessories to add color will be easy and fun!

  8. Love the curtain! I say go for it! I love the white and you can add whatever color you like anytime. :)

  9. Do it! It will be amazing and accessories are easily changed! If it's keeping you up at night, that's the sign. Trust yourself!

    (Can't wait to see it.)

  10. I agree with Kim..if it's keeping you up at night - try it out! that is what i do w/my garden lol! xoxo

  11. The wonderful thing about paint is you can change it if you don't like it! I can't wait to see your transformation, I love your inspiration picture! I know what you mean about laying in bed thinking all this stuff up when you should be sleeping!

  12. First,the shelves look great! Grey is my absolute favorite color right now, but the turquoise would be beautiful too. You definitely need something light and bright...but not yellow! Keep us posted! :)

  13. Love what you've done so far, the shelves and ruffled shower curtain are fabulous!! Your inspiration photo is yummy! I say go for it! You have great taste and I'm sure you'll come up with your own version of that dreamy bathroom and make it wonderfully yours!

  14. I think you should try it. It is not a big room to paint , and if you don't like it do it again.

    Do it . I am with everyone else on this one.

  15. Try it!!! It's only color - you can change them at any time. But you'll be happy with the color!!!

    Love hugs


  16. Do you need another vote? Jump, jump, jump! Yes, I think you should take the leap. Your curtain and shelves are fabulous!

  17. I think you should try it, I love the inspiration picture and with your ruffley shower curtain, it would be perfect. If you don't like just paint it over. I know it's hard to make such a drastic change from "color", I have been tossing around the idea of lighter colors and white!
    Can't wait to see what you decide!


  18. Since my word for this year is .. "DO"...do it! I love bead board. I'm thinking my bathroom needs some!
    Hope you get to go out this weekend and find yourself a "goodie or two"!

  19. I love your shelves. Go ahead and take the leap. If you hate it, then you only have to buy a new can of paint!

  20. Go for it! It's a small space so it will be easy to change but I think you'll love it. I agree, changing the accessories out in any color you love will be fabulous. The shelves look great by the way!

  21. Great inspiration photo! You should go for it, definitely! I agree with everyone... love the shelves! :)

  22. I'm loving that pale turquoise color. The shower curtain is too cute!

  23. Hi Robin - I just found your blog and I adore it! I've really been gravitating towards the urban farmhouse look and have been slowly making some changes to reflect that style. My favorite colors are the light blues and aquas so I have a lot of it in my house. Take a look if you have a chance - it might help you decide if you like that look. My blog is pretty new so there's not a lot to see yet but I'm planning to do a post on my family room sometime this week and it is painted a shade of aqua/blue. I'm not a big FAN of your post on the Packers but I'll let that slide! : ) Thanks for all the great inspiration!


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