January 3, 2011

One More Afternoon

Today hubby went back to work and the girls to school.

I'm taking one more afternoon to enjoy myself in a lazy way.

This evening, as the girls return home, our normal everyday life will continue.

Homework will be completed, mommy will get her workout in, and dinner will be made.

Come tomorrow we'll be back into the swing of things.

But for now, 

I'll curl up on the sofa reading my newest copy of Country Living listening to a few of my favorite tunes.

Laundry and projects can wait one more day.

Instead I'll enjoy the solitude of my own thoughts . . .

for one more afternoon.


  1. Have a wonderful afternoon...soak up every moment of it!

  2. agh! i know exactly how you feel!

    i own a b&b and i was guest free for the weekend! it was amazing. tomorrow is back to reality!

    glad you were able to enjoy the time you had!

  3. Ooh, how lucky you are! I was looking forward to being home alone, and then I got called to work! Tomorrow is early day at school, but perhaps I will get to have a little time to myself on Wednesday. Drat, I have to go to the dentist then! Oh well...

  4. White issue of Country Living, yay!!! I've decided I'm going to allow myself one more week of eating crap, then I'll start being healthy. Who says you have to start on the 1st, lol!

  5. What a lucky girl you are to have one more day :)
    I hope your New Year is wonderful!!


  6. Sounds wonderful Robin. I hope you enjoyed your last day of solitude!! Ours started in part today...my little guy went back to school...then my husband goes back to work tomorrow....back to real life I guess.

  7. Our kiddos have one more week off of school...but I will do the same exact thing on the following Monday! Enjoy!


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