January 20, 2011

A Random Type of Day . . .

I have a few random things to share with you today.  I've been working on a few projects and day to day activities have somehow become busy this week.  Sadly, blogging hasn't been a top priority, hopefully soon I'll be able to correct that.

During the month of December the lovely, talented Jill from Forever*Cottage
had a giveaway and I am now the proud owner of these lovelies . . .

Three Christmas themed flashcards, a beautiful silver trophy bowl dated 1960 (love it!), and three adorable vintage ornaments.

For a first time giveaway winner, I'm so excited and happy the gifts are so "me".
Thanks Jill!

This morning I had one of those light bulb moments that has me feeling like a decorating goddess. 

I love candlelight this time of the year, but I dislike when the candle starts running down the pillar - - pooling hot wax into the bottom of my glass containers.  More often than not, when the candle is all used up the whole thing get packed away, mess and all since I hate digging the wax out.

This morning I had the bright idea to insert one of my jar candles inside the hurricane lantern instead of a pillar candle.

I'm sure a few of you are most likely rolling your eyes thinking to yourself

"Well duh!  Doesn't everyone do that?"

ahhhh, no - - not me - - until today!


No more mess, just pretty flickering candlelight.

To dress up the hurricane lantern a bit, I added a little rock salt to mimic snow and hold the candle jar level.  Wrapped beaded garland around the base to add a little sparkle for the daytime.  And placed the whole thing on a newly polished silver tray.

Pretty right!

And practical for lazy people like me!

And finally, today is super cold.  The weatherman says it's will feel like -14 degrees.  Yuck, and double Yuck!

Zebby Baby doesn't seem to mind.  He's found a sunny, warm spot to take a nap!

Hope you all have a great day - - stay warm!



  1. What a cool giveway to win! I like your candle idea. And no I never thought of that before. Stay warm. -14 sounds pretty darn cold.

  2. Congratulations on your win! It's so much fun to win things that are really you ~

    Ok, you are a genius! NO, I have never thought to do that before and I can't tell you how many pretty hurricanes and holders I have thrown away because of the icky wax. I am so going to start doing this! :)
    Stay warm!

  3. You won a lovely giveaway! Your candle idea is great. I remember awhile back you posted about flameless candles. I was inspired and bought some and now love them. No worries about fire anymore!

  4. Congrats Robin on your win! That was a nice giveaway! :) I agree w/ your pup, I would love to take a little nap in the sun too; I am tire of the cold!

    Stay warm! Jodi

  5. I am so glad you won those!!! Vintage cards are to you!!! Missed your blogging this week...hope all is well!


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