January 27, 2011

Silence Is Sweet

I've received a rare treat today.

I'm at home . . .


No kids, no hubby, just me!

 Can you hear that?

You can't hear anything, you say!

Oh, why that is called silence.  The absence of sound or noise . . .

And it is Sweet.

I plan to enjoy it.

This morning was all about productivity.  I've been making theses.

But now it's lunch time.  The painting and distressing can wait.

Instead I'll be channeling my inner "lazy bum"


Wish me luck.



  1. Robin, love these. I'm on my way out to get clay. Are they clay or wood? Do tell all.
    Enjoy your afternoon!

  2. Love it I made beadboard hearts last Valentine's painted them white and then pink sanded them back and added twine... They hang from my chandelier and make me smile!

  3. You are so crafty, I love these!!! Be sure and show us when you get done!!!! :)


  4. I must admit it, I love my quiet times alone too. I'm interested to see what you're doing with those cute hearts. Keep us posted!

  5. Cute hearts...what will they be? Enjoy the silence!

  6. Are those made out of beadboard? Silence is totally under rated. Sometimes I stay up late at night just to be able to turn the tv off and read a book.

  7. I looove a quiet house! Enjoy!

  8. Silence is golden! I hope you enjoyed your day. Love the beadboard hearts. I'm curious as to what you have planned! ~Michelle :)

  9. So cute! I am sure you really enjoyed your day....always nice to be home and it be quiet, that is the best.

  10. I love my girls, I love them to always be with me and I love it when my husband and our girls are all todether.....but those days when they are all gone...the silence is BLISS! I notice how the ticking of the clocks are so loud and the birds outside...BLISS! Love it!

  11. Good for you! Alone time is very important when you have a family, I'm glad you have a "lazy bum" side to you. We all need that occasionally!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. LUCKY!! With the mister retired I don't get many all by myself days. Enjoy! Mimi

  13. Robin, I love my alone time!! Sometimes a little toooooo much !! ;-) I think it's important that people get to have their own space and time, even in a marriage (which I don't have yet.) Anyway, your little hearts look adorable!! Be sure to show us the final outcome!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  14. Sounds like you're enjoying your day and putting it to good use! Enjoy!


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