March 21, 2011

Flea Finds

I'm really late with this post - - better late then never right?

Remember how excited I was to attend this. . .

Thought you might like a look at the items that came home with me.

My daughter, Emily, played hooky from school to be my flea buddy for the day - Shhhh, don't tell!  We had such fun spending close to three hours slowly looking through each booth.  I'm not sure who had more fun.  It was so neat to see how enjoyable the experience was for her and how closely her favorite things matched mine.

Emily found a petite green book with gold lettering.  She thought it would be a great addition to my spring decor - - she's right of course, it's perfect.

I spotted the adorable baby shoe planters. 
Can't decide if I like it better with or without the plant pots. 
I'll try planting wheat grass in the pots for sure in a couple of weeks - that should make up my mind.
For now I've removed the pots.

Lately, I've been drawn to vintage snapshots. 
I was so happy to find a good sized stack to sort through.
Three of them came home with me.

This one is really cool I think.  Mount Rushmore - - back in the day!

This one will be perfect to use next winter in my decor.  I think it is beautiful.

My love of enamelware has no bounds.  Even if it's chipped, stained and cracked - -  I still love it.
This serving piece I thought would be perfect on the kitchen counter to hold banana's.

Looks pretty good as a backdrop for the photos too!

Many of you may remember Becky from Farmgirl Paints had her first ever booth at the market.
Emily and I of course stopped by and introduced ourselves.
I was excited to pick out one of Beck's beautiful necklaces.
I thought this one fit me well, don't you?

I've saved my favorite finds to show you last. 
If your a clock lover like me you'll understand why I spent the bulk of my budget on the next three items.

First I found this beauty. . .

and then this one . . .

and finally this one.

Can you blame me? 
Each clock is completely unlike any others in my collection.
I love their shape and color.

I thought grouped together they would make a great vintage treat for the bathroom I'm currently giving a facelift.

What do you think?

Did I do good?


  1. You did GREAT! I swear I'm going to have to start travelling out of NE for some good flea markets...we have none here. :(
    Love your collection of clocks-I love them all grouped together.
    sounds like you two had fun ~ what a perfect day shared together!

  2. What a great finds! Your daughter has a gret eye. i love the little green book. We don't have flea markets here that sell vintage things (it's all new junk). I so look forward to going to a real flea market when we move.

  3. Great finds! Love your photo's and the beautiful clocks! A great way to spend the day!


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