April 15, 2011

New Bathroom Flooring

I'm doing the happy dance  - - Want to join in?

Gone are the always-dirty looking linoleum floors of before. 
No more ugly toliet rug to hid cracked, peeling flooring. 
No more pondering the origins of an inherited mysterious orange stain.

Instead, the old has been replaced with gleaming, smooth Pergo yummyness.

The floors were installed on Monday morning and today I've completed the finishing touches.

Take a look!

So pretty.

Here's a look at the before . . .

and after . . .

(sorry the photos are not the best.  I have a hard time taking pictures in this windowless room)

The name of the flooring is Beech Blocked by Pergo.  We purchased it from Home Depot and also had it installed by them.  The whole process went very smoothly.  To help cut cost I was able to complete all the prep work like removing baseboards, doors and caulk from around the tub.  After the installation I also chose to tackle the finishing work myself.  Basically replacing everything I had previously removed.  Not sure if this really saved any money in the long run but it did make me "think" I was.  LOL!

Now that all the grunt work is done (painting, fixtures, and flooring)  the fun stuff begins - -
the decorating !!

Hopefully sometime mid-week I'll be able to show off the whole room.

- - if I don't change my accent color - - again

 - - my current pick is a pale blue/grey called Light French Grey.
(it's pretty, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a keeper)

Hope your having a lovely day,



  1. SO pretty, Robin! I'd be doing the happy dance, too...that old floor looks familiar to me LOL! Looking forward to seeing the French Gray- I've been giving some thought to re-painting my green bathroom in that type of color!

  2. The floor looks great, but I have to say, the first thing I saw were those adorable shoes! lol! I'm anxious to see the rest of the room. The French Gray sounds very interesting.

  3. It's so pretty! So great when things are ready for decorating! Mimi

  4. Yummy scrummy! I am dancing with you because my new wooden floor went in this week too! I can wait to show it off... just a few finishing touches! x

  5. Oh, Robin, I love it; now I really can't wait to see the finish! You are going to like your laminate; we have that in our house and it's so easy to clean!


  6. Hi Robin,
    It looks great and the color sounds awesome. Have fun decorating.

  7. Your floor looks so pretty. Shoes too! The blue/grey sounds good. Have a great weekend playing around in your bathroom!

  8. So much fun! Hope you like your new color, it's so much work to change if you don't! lol. The floors look great and a lovley blue/grey would go well with them. Can't wait to see what you've done.

  9. It looks great Robin. When we lived in a condo we ripped off all the old carpet and installed Pergo, like you. I loved, and some friends thought it were wood, so good it looked. You are going to love your new floor.

  10. Looks great! I'd be doing the happy dance too. Can't wait to see the whole thing :)

  11. Soooo pretty , Robin! Pergo is such a fantastic product. You're going to just love it! Waiting anxiously for the final reveal! (oh, cute shoes, too!!!) :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. Oooohhhhh I likey!!!! YEAH, I am happy dancing with you! Aren't new floors wonderful!?! Eww on the inherited orange stain though, but it is GONE!! ;)
    I can't wait to see what you are up too, the blue/gray paint sounds beautiful!! Have fun!!!

  13. That really looks so great.

  14. Your new bathroom flooring is very simple and it is the best thing about it. I like the design and it really looks so neat. This is my first time to see a bathroom with that kind of flooring design.


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