May 18, 2011

Fading Blooms

This morning I'm enjoying an impromptu floral arrangement grouped together in mismatched containers and placed on a ruffled napkin. 

After deadheading fading blooms from the garden I just couldn't bear to part with a few of the best looking ones.

Pale pink shrub roses. . .

. . . purple hyacinth . . .

. . . and a hydrangea bud. . .

The sweet arrangement makes me smile and is such a great way to bring a little of the garden inside.

Hope you have a snappy day!



  1. What pretty flowers Robin! I can't believe you already have roses.

  2. I love those kind of arrangements, coming together last minute, and they always seem to turn out best. Wonderful photos Robin, xxx

  3. So fun to have flowers from your own garden. I can't believe you already have roses! Mine are barely starting to leaf out. I always feel bad picking buds before they have opened. How fun that you have hydrangeas, they don't seem to grow here in CO.


  4. Those blooms are so so pretty! It should make you smile every time you see them! X


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