June 27, 2011

Thrift Store Mini Makeover

A recent trip to the Thrift Store turned up this wood tray . . . or maybe it's a bowl.  Whatever you'd prefer to call it I thought it could be a useful addition to our home.  After a small makeover that is.

I slapped on some of my favorite white paint in Cottage White.  Knowing that I wanted a distressed look, I didn't take much time to paint carefully.  Just a quick two minute job, then set it aside to dry.  After a couple of days I came back to it and started distressing.  I got a little carried away on one side and after realizing I liked it I had to continue onto the remaining three sides.

I like that it now looks like it's been used for years.

I decided it could help to add a little rustic flare to my hutch.  I placed my chippy chicken inside and surround her feet with fake greenery and berries.

The perfect display for spring.  Oh wait - - it's summer now right?
The perfect display for summer!! hehe

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  Were you able to finished any mini makeovers of your own?

Until tomorrow,



  1. I like this tray Ive been looking for a bright silver one.Good find!

  2. Nice find! I'm looking for something similar to stash unread magazines on the coffee table.

  3. Love the rustic cottage look of your tray! It's really cute!

  4. I love it, you did a great job with the distressing and your chicken is adorable!!

  5. I simply love trays. There are always so many uses for them. Yours turned out great!

  6. I love it, you can do some much with this!

  7. Hi Robin,
    Your little tray looks wonderful in it's chippy coat of white and the Rooster looks pretty happy in it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. We are twins. I have a tray almost exactly like that. I haven't painted it yet, but it's sitting in my pile of things to do. Love the distressed look of yours. The chicken is pretty cool too.


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