August 15, 2011

Crazy Over Zinnia's

Good Morning!

Bright and early this morning as I strolled through the garden I was delighted to find my favorite two plants in full bloom.  Such great timing since I've been meaning to share with you all my favorite flower arrangement this summer. 

I've pretty much used the same two plants and scattered them all around the house.  Over . . and over . . . .and over again.  I love it so much the rest of the garden is getting downright grumpy with me!  LOL

Plus this is a great way to show off a few items I've picked up the last couple of months while I've been taking a blogging break.

Have you ever seen "Envy" Zinnia's and Dill used together?  
It's divine if you love lime green and yellow.
If you haven't seen it before take a look at this . . .

Can you same YUMMMMMMY!

I'll show you more of the flowers in a minute, but first, look at this glass creamer I recently picked up.  Works great as a casual candle holder.  I love its simple, sophisticated design.

Oh look! 
There are those gorgeous flowers again! 

I've placed them in a vintage silver water pitcher - - my favorite find so far this summer.  It's perfectly tarnished and I love it's curves.

A vintage platter with scalloped sides and a vintage alarm clock help add more interest.

Yup!  I'm completely in love this arrangement.

I just love the different shades of green and yellow.  Plus it lasts for a very long time which makes it even better!

How about you? 
Are these lime green beauties having you thinking next year you'll be planting some of your own?



  1. Hi Robin,
    oh my gosh, the lime green is gorgeous in the silver! It's feeling a little fallish in the evenings here so I brought out more silver this weekend and I think zinnias will be in my cart this afternoon! :)
    Hope your summer and back to school is going well ~

  2. Yes, I am completely in love with your flower arrangement as well! I am totally jealous over that silver pitcher too! :)

  3. Great floral arrangement and I love the colors. The little pitcher is such a great idea for a candle, and the silver pitcher is fabulous. What a find. Hugs, Marty

  4. SO pretty, Robin! I love the all green colors!!! And the dill.....LOVE it, I would love to plant some just for the smell!

    Beautiful!!! ;)


  5. I am drooling over that silver pitcher it is to die for! You take such pretty pictures!

  6. Oh my heavens, the dill and the zinnas look sooo good together! You are so clever, Robin :)

  7. OH that is gorgeous, Robin! Love the colors, textures...zinnias are my favorite flowers EVER!

  8. I love the zinnia color. I will put it on my list to plant next year. And I love that silver water pitcher!

  9. So beautiful Robin! I would have never thought to put dill in an arrangement~it is so pretty. I LOVE dill. If you ever want to make some easy pickes with your dill, and you missed my post...check it out here...

    Thanks for sharing! Your blog is so wonderful!

  10. Hello Robin,
    Your arrangement is gorgeous!!! Your little creamer is also very sweet, as is the silver water pitcher.
    Very pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  11. I am in love with your flower arrangement is beautiful! Love the pitcher, what a great find. Enjoy!

  12. Hi Robin--love your arrangement; I haven't seen these colors before. The pitcher is fabulous too! Hope you don't mind, I am going to link to your glitter house tutorial in a post later this week featuring Halloween glitter houses. Stop by and link up to my weekly party if you have time. Mary

  13. Hello Robin

    I have fallen for your greens in the silver jug: very understated elegance. I've taken a little look at your other posts too and am now your newest follower.



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