October 12, 2011

Decorating Identity Crisis?

The past few months I feel as if I have been in a decorating identity crisis.
Do you feel that way sometimes?
As an avid reader of blogs, magazines and books on the subject of home decorating I find the inspiration at times . . . overwhelming.  Like many of you, I read many, many blog posts on a daily basis.  Drooling over this picture . . . or saying to myself "oh!  I like that . . .  and more often than not filing away this and that for future reference or interpretation. 
It's the beauty of blogging. 
Inspiration a few clicks away.
 It all good.
Great in fact. 
However, it has lead me to the realization that I need to take a step back and reevaluated what it is that I truly like.  It's easy to be swayed by such a constant flow of idea's.
We have all seen homes perfectly presented and true to the owners style.  Colors in perfect harmony, accessories placed with great care seemingly destined to have been made for that particular location in the home. We know deep down that it's been a process that has happened over time.  I've marveled at the talent and focus it takes to produce such a space. 

With so many different directions, how do you know which one to take?
I know for a fact that my style is country.  Country is simple, laid back - - an easy, breezy sort of style.  But here's where it gets dicey.  Am I country minimalist, country posh, country cottage, country modern, country rustic . . . etc. Technically, I know a label is just a starting point but I want to be sure of my focus.

To help myself find direction, I started making a list of all the features currently in my home that I like.  Next I made a list of things I would like to add given the chance.

With lists on hand, I started reevaluating photos from books I own, pins on Pintrest and my inspiration book.  As I came across a photo which I found appealing I'd asked myself whether it would fit the criteria on either of the two lists.

Surprisingly it seems I'm not having as much of a decorating identity crisis as I'd originally feared!
I've picked a few photos to share with you that best illustrates what I've discovered about my decorating style.  (Sorry I'm not able to give you sources for each photo.  I'm assuming most have been torn out of old Country Living magazine, but I'm just guessing)

This first example has been a long time favorite. 
I'm drawn to the painted furniture pieces for color, the not so typical addition of a bench at the dinning table, and the farmhouse/schoolhouse lighting.  The wall treatment is another draw.  As is the use of only a few, simple accessories.

This photo shows my love of barely-there wall color, the addition of natural elements and my love of white woodwork and dark hued hardware.

Here is another example of a natural elements, painted furniture, simple accessories and pops of color.

And finally, this photo shows my love of vintage items used to added depth to a home.

I still don't have a label for my style other an good old country, but a least I feel as if I'm moving the the right direction!

Until tomorrow,


  1. I've been thinking of posting about this same thing! For me, it's not that I'm easily swayed when seeing lots of ideas, it's just that I like things that are kind of opposite of each other.

    I love that photo with the map...nice and neutral with a splash of color :)

  2. That was a perfect post! I agree, the constant barrage of ideas and info can overwhelm! I feel the same....I have decided my style does not fit anywhere...I can not give it a label. Before, I arrived at that conclusion I was always trying to label myself and follow one direction. FYI, you have great style and I appreciate your ideas and inspiration!

  3. Love all these photos, too! I tend to lean a little more traditional with a country twist. But that first image has me swooning. Love that light fixture and the pop of color and the plank walls. Just lovely.

  4. Robin, we share similar tastes! I love all the photos, but the room I would most like to have is in the first photo. Love it!

  5. I find it hard to figure out my style because I love so many styles! I love the images you have posted, I would love them in my home and I think they would go, but I'm not sure what my style is. I "think" it is country cottage, but maybe not. It might be country old-house!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. I love the things that you love! It is nice to figure out what your "style" is so that you can find things that go in that direction.

  7. Hello Robin, You need not to worry at all... You have style and it's called "Urban Farmhouse", Heehee. The best decorated homes are the one's where the owner followed their own style. March to the beat of your own drum and it will be fabulous when you are all done!


  8. oh, i hear you on this for sure! i have the same crisis at times. i think the best thing is to buy or make what you like the most, what you are drawn to...without a particular style in mind...somehow it all works together and creates it's own style with a broader style like country, cottage, vintage, etc. loving your blog! i'm in IL...are you in WI?


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