October 20, 2011

Wall Lantern

Good Morning!
Hope your enjoying this beautiful day.  I've been busy moving things around the house in an effort to cozy up the house for fall.  As soon as the temperatures start to drop here in Minnesota I like to dig out my candles and lanterns.  They seem to add instant warmth to a room.
Years ago I purchased a red hanging lantern at Target, it's still a favorite.  It's been placed in many different locations around my home and I thought this year it would be a nice addition to the bench corner in the dinning room.
Here's what it looks like before I placed the lantern on the wall. . .
It now looks like this. . .
I think it adds another great pop of red for fall.  I was worried the lantern and the stars on the wall would be too much for the tiny wall they are hanging on.  I debated removing the stars altogether but in the end I kept them up.  After much debate with my girls that is.  We all are of mixed opinion's, it was decided to ask for some help from my wonderful blog friends.

So my smart blogging friends, what do you think?

Too much . . .
Just right . . .


  1. That's a great pop of color! And I'm crazy about the turquoise lantern on your bench, too.



  2. I like it Robin. It looks very charming. I'm lovin' the turquoise lantern also!

  3. Just right! It looks wonderful! You and your girls were right.
    I just realized that you live in Minnesota, that is not very far away from Manitoba!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. I like the stars and the lantern together! Fills up the wall nicely...and that bench is too cute! You could also put a taller vase/jug with some autumn colored grasses, or twigs behind the pillows in the corner to add some height and fill up some of that space....just a thought, since you were askin :) Have a wonderful week end.

  5. Leave it the way it is ! It all looks great there. It is not to much.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I came by to visit yours and must say I like what I see. Your red lantern is very cute and looks great against the white wall. I love lanterns. I like your country style very much. I was reading some of your earlier posts and read about your decorating identity crisis. I think we've all felt that way. I swear, we should all have more than one house so we can decorate in all the styles we like! I'm a true country lover too. I prefer neutrals with pops of color here and there. I like a little industrial thrown in as well. Sounds like you've done your research and you're well on your way to acheiving the home you desire. It looks great so far!

  7. I think it is just right. The pop of color is just what was needed and the stars are just enough. Super job!

  8. I like it...I like it...looks great Robin! Your wall color is so pretty btw! ~Deb~

  9. This looks charming, Robin! And your right...it does add instant warmth for fall!

  10. I like both the stars and lantern on the wall. And that lantern on the bench is adorable.


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