December 19, 2011

Baby Tree's

This year when the girls and I went to pick out our Christmas tree they fell in love with the tiny "baby" trees.  At ten dollars each we picked out two.  Combined with two five foot fake trees I already had, we each had a tree to decorate however we wanted.  It was so much fun.

I placed my tree on the little used dinning room table.  I've really enjoyed having it up out of the way not taking up floor space.  The kids loved it too.  They eat breakfast each morning in the glow of tinkling lights.

I dressed up the tree with a white feather boa garland, silver bells, snowflakes and icicles.
Underneath the tree I placed a red and white striped table runner and a few glitter houses Zoe and I made together this year.
It's the perfect place for the houses, they glitter and sparkle so pretty at night.
I've scattered a few smaller trees around the house also. I'm loving this simple one in the living room with white stars.
The girls placed their trees in the family room.  This one is Emily's.
This one is Zoe's.
And this one is Jasmine's.
We may have started a new tradition with the baby trees.  We all had so much more fun decorating them this year than in the past.  Plus baby trees are much easier to drag in and set up.  I can see us going it again next year.


  1. This trees was so gorgeous.

    Hugs Bente

  2. Your trees are just gorgeous! I've been thinking that next year I will do these instead of the bigger ones. Every year my hubby gets more and more 'scrooge-like' on decorating, and I can't do the big ones myself.

    I love how yours are decorated simply, but so beautifully.

    Have a Blessed Christmas!

  3. I bought one for my son's room this year. He's always had a little fake one in there, but for the price we decided to try one of the babys. Other than the dog trying to drink water out of the base, we love it. I adore the one you have in the tub. Very cute. Well, they are all cute, but that one is extra cute.

  4. Love your baby trees! I think that's a nifty idea. I know your girls enjoyed having their own little tree to decorate! I love the idea of having more than one tree but my house is small, never really thought about little trees!

  5. Oh, they are all so sweet! I love the one in the wash tub so much, that is just genius!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Your trees are all so darling! How nice for your girls that they have their own, I think it's a great idea. And so nice for them. I love the one on the dining room table, it is lovely and how sweet that the kids sit in there to eat, memories in the making!
    That is what makes Christmas so special, all the fun memories attached to it.
    Have a wonderful, happy Christmas, dear Robin!
    Oh and I wanted to tell you that you inspired me to change my bedroom. Our walls are a light yellow, so I put a white vintage chenille spread on my bed, and changed my accessories to red and I LOVE it. It's just red and white now, even the chair. I may leave it that way after Christmas, too. It just feels much calmer and more relaxing.
    Thanks for the inspiration my friend.

  7. The baby trees all look fabulous!! I think I want a couple next year too! I love the metal bucket on the metal cool!!

  8. I tend to like baby trees best of all. Love the one on your table with the striped runner.

  9. These are all so pretty, Robin. I bet you and your girls had tons of fun decorating them! It reminds me of when me and my sisters were growing up. We had a Fraser Fir as the main tree downstairs that was more tastefully decorated, but upstairs, in our playroom, we set a small cedar tree that we strung with colored lights and handmade ornaments. We also did the same thing on our front porch for our dogs and cats. I think there's something to be said for having small trees--you're right that they're a lot easier to handle than the big ones!


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