December 8, 2011

Glitter Houses

I've been crafting and glittering up a storm the past couple weeks in between decorating my home for the holidays.  You may remember last year I was obsessed with glitter houses. 
Apparently I'm still not over it. 

So far I've made this sweet little church. . .

Followed by this red house.

I also made a green house which I forgot to take a picture of.  All the houses had a spot in my hutch waiting for them.  But then I realized instead of random colored houses I wanted them to match color wise like my bedroom mantel.  The look was much more appealing to me.

So I had to start over.  This time with a strict color scheme. 
White house.
Silver roof.
I adore it.

This house was made next . . .

Followed by this one (which is a favorite of mine) . . .

I have one more in the works and then I think  I may need concentrate on more important things like holiday baking, haha.
Enjoy your day,
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  1. Hi Robin! As you know, I love these! It's too late for me to start making them, but perhaps next year!

  2. I just love those little houses, they are just so pretty!

    Hope you are staying warm!

  3. All of them are adorable but the lil red house makes my heart skip beats its too cute!

  4. They are so charming! do you make them from the scratch or just the glitter decor?

  5. I so adore your little houses. They are unique and charming.

  6. Wow! You are so crafty! I can't imagine sitting down and making all of those. They are beautiful! And your bedroom mantel is over the top gorgeous too!

  7. Robin, these are SO wonderful...and even more so, that you made them! They will be family keepsakes!

  8. I love all of them. I had this on my list of things to do this year (because I saw yours last year), but just haven't had the time yet. I'll start earlier next year.

  9. I think I have the same addiction as you have. I've decorated several and think it is a fun project to do. Yours look very elegant. I don't care what color is on them, I think they are pretty. I did a black one for Halloween and it was even cute, if I must say so. I like the way you have your houses displayed, too.--------Shannon

  10. Love, love, love your glitter houses!!! Did you see the blog Common Ground where she put a whole bunch on a tree? I love the silver ones grouped together, but I love the colorful houses too!

  11. Once again, Robin, your little glitter houses are gorgeous!! You do such an amazing job on them.
    I love them!
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. Your houses are adorable! I love the all white theme best as well, but that blue roofed church is great!! Also love the recycled look you gave the little tree and wreath hung on the empty black frame . Have a great day!

  13. Those are just gorgeous! I made a couple little house too, but mine aren't as, hmm, shall I say, as serene (?) as yours. I need to make a couple more so I think I might simplify.

  14. Wow! You are a Christmas crafting genius! So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    Please stop by for a visit to my blog. I am currently in the midst of a Gifts to Make series.

    Be Merry and Bright!

  15. These are truly amazing. You are so talented!!


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