January 18, 2012

Paper Wreath

It seems once January hits I hunker down and slip into hibernation mode.  I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post.  The days have been slipping by at an alarming rate.  I have been keeping myself busy organizing the house and completing a few projects off the 'ol to-do list.

One such project I'll share today. 

I live in the split entry home with a very small entry (it's more of a landing than entry).  It's a very tough place add any sort of decoration since every available inch is needed for maneuvering around and out the door.  The entry's saving grace is a small wall halfway up the steps into the living room and kitchen area.  It's the perfect place to add a little "me", and an area that has been neglected for a long time.

 I thought a paper wreath would fit the space perfectly.  After digging out my glue gun this is what I came up with.

Here you can see it hanging in the entry way.

Here's a close up of the middle.  I used a little vintage lace to add a some softness.

Hope you enjoy your day, and stay warm (brr it's cold here)


  1. ohhh i just love it - especially those twirly ones in the center - awesome!

    PARTY Going on NOW


  2. I really like it. I'm thinking of doing a wreath with old music paper. Thanks for sharing yours. :)

  3. That came out so well. I love the middle part. I tried one before Christmas and I never even finished it, because it looked really really bad (it ended up being lopsided). So I admire you ability to make yours look so pretty.

  4. Hi Robin,
    I've been wondering where you were and hoping everything was okay.
    I LOVE your wreathe, I haven't made one yet, but yours is so pretty that I really must. And it looks fabulous where you put it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. So cute! My house is split-entry too so I know what you mean about the foyer not being big! I don't have the half wall though. Mine is full to the ceiling because a closet is built in it. Looks like we both have yellow walls :)

  6. Very pretty Robin! Great project for these cold days--

  7. This is beautiful, I love the scale of it on the wall; it's perfect! I have not tried one of these before, but I would love to have one; I may have to try it!


  8. What a pretty idea! and it looks just perfect in the spot you picked for it. Have a great week end!

  9. Just perfect for the month of January. I've been wanting to make one of those like forever. You've inspired me. Mimi

  10. HI Robin, I just came across your blog through pinterest...I love it! I love everything about it..your style is right up my alley. So I am now your newest loyal follower and I look forward to getting your new posts in my inbox! When you have a chance, please come by and visit me at my blog (and make sure to say hi!). If you like my blog, I'd love it if you would follow me too! :) Cath from Home is Where my Heart is http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/

  11. Hi Robin! I love your wreath! The detail on the center makes it unique and the lace is a great, subtle touch of romance :)

  12. Robin this wreath is gorgeous!!! Everything you make is great. Love the frame too. You are an inspiration!


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