March 27, 2012

A Touch Of Easter Sweetness

The month of March and flown by so fast I'm breathless and a little freaked out that it is almost April.

With Easter Sunday right around the corner, I've decided to skip my usual bunnies and eggs decor (since we'll be at Grandma's anyway) and concentrate more on "Spring" decorating. 

My resolve melted as soon as my eyes met Betty's ...

 Isn't she the most adorable bunny ever!

Betty fits perfectly into my spring decor with her pale blue ribbon necklace and flower.
It's a friendship meant to be.

Since I'd already thrown my No-Easter-Decorations Rule out the window, I decided why not add a basket of eggs too.

1 adorable bunny  + 1 basket of eggs  =  Easter decorations

How about you? 
Did you go all out, or keep it simple?



  1. Betty is SO cute!!! I don't have any Easter decor out, maybe I will put out some eggs soon.

  2. Awe that little bunny is so cute!!! love that your decorations are so simple...this is the first year I have actually decorated at our house for Easter and I would like to say it is simple but not real sure. I made a couple banners but used pretty much what we had around the house (:

  3. So sweet! I used to decorate for Easter when the kids were little, but not so much now that they are older.

  4. Love your bunny and those big eyes ~ irresistible!

  5. I too am keeping it simple this year. I love the color of the plate and that bunny is adorable. ;)

  6. I absolutely love your blue plate and bunny Betty..When my kids were little I went all out to decorate for the Holidays, but now that I'm an empty nester and my kids and grandkids live 4 hours away and 14 hrs away I just can't get myself in the mood. But I love seeing everyone elses awesome idea's and displays.. Love your blog.. new follower..


  7. Soo sweet! Even your name reminds us of spring. Mimi

  8. I just took out my Easter decorations today! Oh well, at least I won't get tired of them!


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