April 3, 2012

DIY Photo Ledge

One of my favorite features in the newly decorated living room is the photo ledge.  It turned out being the perfect element to fill up the large bare wall. 

Plus it was so easy to put together. 
I used Ana White's tutorial to get me started.  Her easy instructions made the shelves a snap to build and it took less than a half hour to build both shelves.

I did tweak the original design to work a little better for me.  Knowing that I wanted a deeper shelf than the 1X4 the plans called for I replaced it with a 1X6 instead.  Making the ledge wider allowed me to place larger items like the lantern.

Hubby was concerned that it needed a little more support to accommodate the wider depth.  A simple solution was to cut an angled piece wood to add as an end cap.  I simply attached them from the back and the bottom with screws, and tacked them to the front with two finish nails.

The result is a simple, easy project that packs a very stylish punch!

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Your shelves look great, Robin! I love the mix of photos and interesting elements...very pretty :)

  2. Robin,
    Love your new shelves.What a great focal point for that wall.Those pillows on your chairs give a nice punch of color too.

  3. Robin, your woodworking skills continue to amaze me. Those shelves look fantastic! What a lovely addition to your beautiful room!

  4. Who needs IKEA! Just call Robin for some smokin picture shelves! Awesome job, girl! Much love, Lisa

  5. Very stylish indeed! Your shelf is lovely, it looks really great in your living room over those wonderful chairs. I love them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Stylish indeed! The end caps are a really nice touch. Love your arrangements of photos and whatnots and how the entire living room has come together, Robin!


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