April 30, 2012

Ikea Trip

I played hooky the other day and ran off to Ikea to do some shopping.  I rarely make the short trip across town to visit the store, maybe once or twice a year at most.  I was disappointed to find construction going on in the housewares/storage/office area.  It cut the store down to half it's size.  Despite the construction I did manage to find a few items to take home with me.

A pretty metal lantern, you can never have too many for the summertime.

A lamp to place on my bedside table.

I adore the pull string.

Oh, and since I'm talking about new purchase how do you like my new watch?  Not from Ikea, but from Charming Charlies - - an amazing store by the way.  I love to wear this watch with a couple chunky silver chain bracelets all on the same wrist.  Somehow it makes me feel stylish - - even though I'm SO NOT.

Back to Ikea stuff,
I picked up this set of curtains to make a tablecloth for my dinning room table.  It has and look of linen which I love and it's so soft.  Can't wait to get sewing.

And last but not least, pretty greenery.  I'm obsessed with this stuff.  I've used it all over the house and always think of new ways to use it.  I picked up four new bunches for me and two for my mom.  They come in very ugly orange-ish plastic pots but I just pull them out and place them in pretty containers like this footed bowl.


  1. I enjoy visiting IKEA, but usually only come home with candles and serviettes.


  2. I love going to IKEA, always something to find there. Great stuff you got, I especially love the footed bowl and greenery. I L~O~V~E Charming Charlies, it is my favorite for great and cheap jewelry. My girls love it, too. Love the watch you found.


  3. Nice lantern, have not seen that one in Sweden... Like your header and your frames! / mosterfi

  4. Robin,
    Great ikea finds!LOVE that lamp....cute watch too.We have one of those stores.I have not been in yet.But I will.
    Can't wait to see that table cloth.

  5. Wow, you had a great day. I don't know why, but I don't think I've ever been to Ikea. Now, Charming Charlie's, that's a different story. It's one of my very favorite stores. I try not to go too often because it's hard for me to leave empty handed.

  6. Hi Robin,
    You found some lovely things at IKEA, ours is opening in a few months. I love the lantern and the greenery, I like what you did with it. You're giving me ideas for what I shall buy once it opens.
    Thanks, Cindy

  7. Fake greenery? YUK

  8. I love Ikea - they always have such stylish bargains. You picked up some great buys.
    I have just signed up as your latest follower & I look forward to popping back soon for some more lovely inspiration!



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