September 20, 2012

Fun Finds from the Junk Bonanza

I've been waiting to show off my Junk Bonanza finds until I've found a place for them around my house but this week I'm finding it hard to work in a little play time for me.  Instead I've just arranged them on a table to show them off.  Sorry about that.
Lets get started,

A box camera was the one item I was hoping to find, you can imagine my delight when I saw this beauty. 

I can never pass up white ironstone. 
One small platter and a uniquely shaped bowl had to come home with me.  Then I spotted the red and white stripped hand towels.  I try never to pass up anything red and white if I can avoid it.  I picked up four of them.

I had also hoped to find butter pat dishes.  Another surprise for me that I snatched up.  My photo doesn't do them justice.  I love the fluted edges and each and everyone as tiny cracks along its surface giving it a crackled look.  I could not be more happy with this find.

I also found some vintage book illustrations.  Here are two of the eight that I picked up.  Truth be told I'm not sure where these two prints of cheerful yellow flower will end up but I do know they make me smile and think of spring.

I have a collection of old jars and I seem to favor clear glass with etching or raised surfaces so when I spotted this tall jar with a zinc lid I knew it had to be added to my market bag.  If you look closely, the corners have a craftsmen style, vertical raised bars - if that makes sense.  LOL.  I love it.

I think a new collection has just been started with this find.  Lately I've been drawn to vintage car.  I get excited when I see one driving down the street and have even gone so far as to attend a couple classic car shows.  I couldn't pass up this photo and I'm fairly certain I'll be on the lookout for more in the future.

Of all the items found at the Junk Bonanza this last one has to be hands down my favorite.
I saw this old, chippy table and fell in love.

It's too short for adults to sit at which makes me think maybe it was used as a children's table.  I plan to use it as a coffee table after I find the courage to attempt to cut the legs down.

The wide, cracked table top boards along with the color make my heart melt.  There is a little black, red/brown, and green that shows through the white top coat.

Don't even get me started on the perfectly wonderful chipping and distressing it's acquired over the years.

I have to say no single find in years has made me grin quite like this table has.

Hubby, true to form, has shaken his head and rolled his eyes about my purchases.  I'm pretty sure I've even heard him mumble to the kids that in order to show me a good time "all he has to do is take me on a trip to the dump"
Oh, sweetie - - you know me too well.  hehehe


  1. Ha, ha, ha! I am laughing at that line at the end from your husband! My husband is EXACTLY the same way. One time when I brought home a wonderfully chippy piece he told me instead of me paying for the piece, they should have paid ME to take it!
    You did GOOD at Junk Bonzanza!! I love everything you came home with! Especially your super fabulous table!!

  2. What great loot you bought! I am totally jealous about that table - it's perfectly mucked-up!! And those butter plates - gorgeous!

  3. Hi Robin,
    LOVE your table and sweet finds! I'm hoping that you will be coming to my home on the 29th!Nice day today!

  4. Such wonderful finds! Love the camera!

  5. OH my gosh, got that photo in my space! I must have been TOTALLY brain fogged not to recognize you! I remember my daughter and I talking about the photo... You sure found some great stuff! Hope you are coming to Deb's for the gathering so I can really meet you!

  6. Oh boy, you sure found some great stuff! I love that round ironstone dish...I wonder what it was used for? Your husband's comment is sooo funny!

  7. Lucky you, I want to go to Junk Bonzanza. How fun. Everything you got just looks so sweet together. And Yes that table is Rad!!

  8. As usual I love everything you touch ;) Those are some great finds!

  9. Awesome finds! That table is gorgeous. Love the chippiness.

  10. Love that table! You really found some adorable things! Mimi

  11. You found some great little treasures! I love the box camera and the little table, it's perfect.
    Hugs, Cindy


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