November 15, 2012

Pass the Gravy Boat Please

I'm not sure what it is about gravy boats that get me all fired up but somehow they do.  Even more so when it's a nicely tarnished silver one.
I added this beauty to my collection recently.

I love it's chunky base and the ribbing along the top not to mention the pretty gracefully handle.

I have quite a few gravy boats in my collection, although I never seem to actually fill them with gravy.

Instead they are filled with an assortment of items like candles, bottle brush trees, silverware, flowers, and like now mini pumpkins.
Hope you have a great day,


  1. Lovely -the perfect holder for all things beautiful. And really - is gravy all that beautiful?? I think not.

  2. I love it and the tarnished looks makes it that more beautiful. I'm with Bronwyn. Gravy would not be pretty in that gravy boat.

  3. Holding gravy or something else, they really are pretty little things!


  4. That is so pretty. I love repurposing things too.

  5. Hi Robin.
    The gravy boat has just the perfect amount of rustic charm. I love it filled with the sweet pumpkin, forget the gravy. lol! A bottle brush tree would be wonderful too! I would love if you linked this post to my Share Your Cup link party. Now following you.

  6. Beautiful, Robin! It'll look pretty with Christmas pine in it, too!

    xoxo laurie

  7. It certainly is the perfect week for talking gravy boats! Have a great Thanksgiving! Mimi


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