November 29, 2012

Silver Deer

Hello There!
Like many of you I've been having a delightful time digging through boxes - and boxes, of Christmas decorations.  Decorating for Christmas is so much fun isn't it.  This past Saturday I cranked up the holiday tunes and made a complete disaster of the house until the wee hours of the morning.  I worked happily, humming along until all my displays were arranged.
This week has flown by as I dug out my craft and sewing supplies.  I've made a happy mess of the house again working on ornaments and various crafty items I wanted to add to my displays.
I'll be showing them off in the coming weeks but today I wanted to share one of my first quick projects.
You all know my fascination with Glitter Houses this time of year, but can you guess my second obsession?
It's Reindeer.
It started years ago with a simple hand-me-down treasure from my mom.  The fascination has grown yearly.
So much so that I'm looking for reindeer in the thrift shops all year long.  Like these two example I picked up in July.  They were perfectly wonderful, but I'm not really in to the whole brassy thing.

A quick coat of white paint and sprinkling of silver glitter makes them fit right in with the whole winter wonderland / red and white theme I have going on this year.

Much better and so much more adorable - -  don't you think?

Talk to you soon,


  1. Robin,
    Your glitter reindeer are so cute. I am just like you with the glitter. If it does not glitter its not Christmas. I also use a lot of beading.
    I purchased a little paper mache reindeer at a yard sale this year. I used Martha Stewart copper colored glitter to make it sparkle. I always look for reindeer when I am thrifting as well.
    I hope to do a tour of my home this weekend for my blogging friends.

  2. And to think I would have passed up a find like that at our St. Vinney's. Amazing transformation! Talk about a treasure find. I'm having a little giveaway so stop by!

  3. Oh yeah! I much prefer these after their makeover. So sparkly and pretty - the perfect thing to add to your decor this year. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. What a great update to the little deer. They look so happy in their new coats.

  5. I love those glitter deer! Much better with a little bling! And they will look perfect with your glitter houses!

  6. I love the silver deer. They go with just about anything! I love them placed in fake snow too.

  7. Wow, I love the silver effect and how you paired them with a little touch of red in the end!

  8. Much more adorable! You can't go wrong with silver glitter!


  9. I like your glittery reindeer. So much more fun than the gold ones. They looks so pretty on your mantel.
    Mary Alice

  10. Those guys are so cute. Glitter makes anything better!

  11. Ha! Love them! :) White paint + silver glitter = Beautiful and fabulous reindeer! They look very eloquent. ;)


  12. A perfect update - love it! Take care, Laura

  13. Wow! What a difference a little paint makes. These turned out beautifully.


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