December 20, 2012

A Hankering For . . . Christmas Goodies

One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the yummy - calorie filled treats that are served everywhere you turn. 
I'm sure you have your favorites, I know I do. 
I look forward to Mom's peanut butter balls every year and mint chocolate brownies are soooooo good.  This year I wanted to add a something new to our lineup of sweets.
Here are the contenders . . .
Fudge is always yummy, stands to reason Peppermint Fudge would be amazing.
Snickerdooles have been a long time favorite of mine. 
But Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles???? This blows me away!

 Or how about Pecan Pie Bars.  Sounds Yummy right?
Pecan Pie Bars

Maybe Salted Caramel Bars would be a better choice.


Hmmmm, Decisions, Decisions . . . .

Which would you pick?



  1. OH my...those do look DELICIOUS! And I may or may not have eaten more than a little bit of the peppermint bark and dipped pretzels my daughter and I made last night...

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today.....yammie food...happy time...4 days before

  3. They all look delicious!!! I have a hard time every year trying to decide what goodies to make. I have so many favorites......

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Mmmmm, they all look nummers! I vote for the peppermint fudge because it's the prettiest! (?) I bought the ingredients for oreo truffles and plan on making it with my boys. I've never made them before so wish me luck! I'm not much of a baker, but plan on having my 13 year old do most of the work. :) Let us know what you end up baking!

  5. I went over and copied the Peppermint fudge recipe. That looks wonderful-xo Diana

  6. I have been going through all your holiday photos and your house is a dream. So peaceful and festive.

  7. I absolutely adore pecan pie, but everything looks so good! You should make it all! lol!

  8. I am going to make the pecan ones AND the salted caramels. I'm in a baking mood today!


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