January 29, 2013

Rustic Book Crate

Don't you just love it when inspiration hits you from out of the blue?

I had one such moment while wondering around Micheal's the other day.  You see I've been trying to figure out a new way to display my collection of vintage red books.  

Typically I either stack or line them up somewhere.  For some reason I wanted to place them inside something.  I tried toolboxes, baskets, and bins; none of which looked how I was hoping.  In frustration, I arranged them in my normal boring way and put the idea behind me.

That is until I went to Micheal's on a completely different mission and happened to notice their unfinished wood crates.  Fretting over the fact that the crate was quite large, I spied a half crate size - Perfect!

I took it home and gave it first a coat of black paint and then a coat of white.

After a heavy hand of distressing I filled the crate with my books.

It works perfectly giving me the organized look I was wanting with a touch of rustic.

Plus I've already thought of a couple more uses for the crate and can't wait to try them out when I tire of the books.

Have a great day,



  1. It looks really cute Robin!! What a creative idea!

  2. Great idea with the Michael's crate. Your books look great in there.

  3. I like it! Sometimes it is hard to have vision when you are looking at the plain wood items at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. You saw something and made it sweet! I like boxes and baskets to contain things.

  4. Looks great! Love your red books, and doesn't Michael's have a great "wood" section?!


  5. That will be such a useful piece...so much more than a big crate! Love the look with the red books!

  6. I love your crate- the books look great in there- perfect touch! xo Diana

  7. I love the crated books! Great idea. I hope you're having a really good day.
    Hugs, cindy

  8. Looks great Robin. I love the red books...Those would look great anywhere. Great jobe on the crate.. Blessings!

  9. It reminds me of hymn books in the back of the church pews. No idea why, but that's the first thing I though of. Great idea!


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