May 31, 2013

Garden Loving

In between thunderstorms this past week I have been in the garden every available minute I can.

I just love this time of year.  
Finally, after so many months of winter waiting and week after week of snow filled spring days I'm finally able to dig out my shovel and play in the dirt!

I've been having a great time pulling weeds, moving plants and adding new ones.

This time of year always seems to get me so excited as plants pop up out of the ground for a little springtime sunlight and the promise of pretty flowers to come is just so energizing for me.  I crave more, and more, and more flowers!!

Talking of new plants, I picked up three new Hydrangea's for the front yard.  I love these plants so much I'm seriously considering just a garden filled with them.

I've made at least three trips to different garden centers around my home.  Each time I come home with a trunk full of new plants and I tell myself, "OK, that should be good for the year"  

But then . . . I just happen make a quick stop into yet another garden center "just to look".
Plants just jump into my trunk!
I can't help it - - I can't stop!!!!
I think I have a problem - - but at least it's a pretty problem.  LOL.

This was yesterday's trunk full.

I went to Lowe's and was very happy with what I found.

I brought home two Forever & Ever Hydrangea's

And two Limelight Hydrangea's

Also one shrub rose came home with me.  This one is called "Little Mischief"

I also picked up a handful of potting plants that I didn't take pictures of.  
On the way home from Lowe's I stopped off at my favorite garden center to pick up a few flowers that I "needed"   See what I mean - - I have a problem.

Two new pink Phlox and a Coreopsis, you can't have a garden without these two plants right?

Now as most of my work has been centered on the front yard and the veggie garden I'm ashamed to admit my backyard garden has been neglected terribly. 

Yep, It's bad . . .

there's plants in there somewhere . . .

I'm sure of it.

Looks like my weekend is going to be filled with a whole lot of weed pulling!!!!

If you just so happen to find yourself with some time on your hands this weekend and your wanting to play in a garden,  I'll give you the going rate for weed picking around here,
twenty-five cents a bucket . . . 
Now that's a deal!!



  1. Love your new plants! Those hydrangea's are the prettiest color! We are renting and at one point you could barely walk around our patio because I kept buying plants and putting them in pots! But then I'd forget to water them....

  2. Those are all beautiful plants! Isn't it fun to visit garden centres and find those PERFECT plants that will fill a space and add more green to your yard? I live in a 3 year old home that I have had to create gardens from scratch. Each year I try to add more shrubs, climbers and perennials. This year I have added 25 linear feet of garden around the fence line. My original plantings are green and large and full of flowers and I can't wait see how everything grows and progresses over the next few years.

  3. I love hydrangea's too! Can't wait to see more of your garden ;)

  4. Beautiful plants! I love hydrangeas too and I can't wait for ours to bloom ... soon! I've been weeding like crazy in our garden... they grow faster than I can pull! :-)

  5. I too love hydrangeas. My backyard is also a mess, and it's not even that big. First it was too cold, then too wet, and now it is scorching hot and humid.

  6. Hi Robin, Oh how I love hydrangeas. I've got two in my front bed; I have enough of my own weeds to keep me busy. I hate weeding; have offered to pay my grandsons for their help. I want to redo our backyard garden and add lots of river rocks-so I don't have to weed so much.
    Thanks for sharing; right now it is too cold and windy to garden.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. We have a yard that is new to us this have started pruning and moving and planning ! It's fun to see some progress. I have not grown hydrangeas before and they are my favorite as well. I planted 3 last year and am so glad to see that they all came back!, have fun planting!

  8. Oh you can never have enough garden plants, Robin! Love your choices! I picked up a bunch of new perennials to replenish the beds, too!

  9. I love me some hydrangea too. Determined to plant some in our new place!

  10. Oh, I think I could have a yard full of hydrangeas too! I haven't heard of the Forever and Ever variety...I'm going to have to look for those. I tried Endless Summer once and they died during the winter :(

  11. I want to try that Forever & Ever hydrangea this year. It looks interesting. You know when you'll stop buying flowers? When they stop selling them for the summer :)

  12. Haha, you may have a problem there, Robin, so long as the budget can handle it, though, why worry!? I love hydrangeas too, they are the nicest flowering bush. The nice thing is that they bear all summer long and you can dry them and use them all winter long. They really are the best! And they grown well in our climate.

  13. I have one question Robin, did you make your own banner? And if so what program did you use? I desperately need to fix mine and I have no idea how. I would like to start all over from scratch, but I'm lost as to how to do it. Thanks.

  14. someone could get RICH over here pulling weeds too....I've been working at it but they are so sneaky and pop up right after I turn my back! happy day to you! :)


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