May 23, 2013

Springtime Bedroom Makoever

Good Morning!
Today is bright and sunshine filled and I'm heading out to the garden to hopefully finish up my spring clean up before our "April Showers" begin again.
I did want to share with you a few small changes I've made in my bedroom to make it feel more fresh and airy for spring.

This time of year I crave pale shades of blue and I think it works so well in the bedroom along side all the white and black that the room has on a permanent basis.

To add some color to my beds all white linens I added two new quilted pillow shams found at the thrift store and a new pale blue blanket for a gently pop of color.

Above the bed on the headboard shelf, a thrift store set of shutters was given a fresh coat of pretty blue paint.  Personal decorating staples such as a lantern, vintage books and clocks helped add another layer to the shutter display.

To fill in rest of the empty space, a grouping of candles and some greenery was used to keep things light and airy feeling.

Above the bedside tables I added two picture frames.  This project has been on my to-do list for a long time.  It feels great to finally have it done and looking oh so cute just like I hoped it would.  I simply filled the frames with simple images printed from my computer until I can find something else to fill them with.

I also wanted to show you the newest addition to my clock collection.  It's a vintage travel clock and I love it.  

Hubbies side of the bed received some picture frames also to help balance the other side of the bed.  You may have noticed that I like to keep accessories to a minimum in this room.  For some reason the lack of extra "stuff" in here is very calming and restful to me.  I try very hard to keep the feeling of openness.

My dresser area received a new item too.

 A pretty vintage serving platter now corals my daily essentials and my go-to jewelry for easy access.

Above my dresser hangs a mirrored vanity cabinet which some of you may remember.  This cabinet  has worked so well for me the past few years I thought today would be a good time to highlight it in case any of you may need some ideas on dealing with a small master bath like my husband and I do.

Our bathroom is very tiny and has very little storage. 
Hubby uses the bathroom area, and I use this space. 
The cabinet combined with one drawer of my dresser to hold makeup and brushes is all I need to hold all my products and such.  The mirror on the back of the cabinet door works great for applying makeup and working on my hair.  I didn't take a photo, but I hang my blow dryer from a hook on the side of my dresser out of sight from the rest of the room.  And my flat iron and curling iron rest on a serving platter on the top of the dresser.
The mirrored cabinet has worked so well at freeing up the bathroom we're thinking of getting our middle school daughter one of her own to free up the main bathroom for the rest of us!

So there you have it, the new, spring look for the master bedroom.  

Have a great day everyone,


  1. I love it! And I collect clocks as well.... You have some great time pieces!

  2. Your bedroom looks very restful and pretty. I adore all of your little clocks, I never see clocks, I found one last year when we were in Idaho, but other than that I pretty much NEVER see them. I think someone is hoarding them!
    Your little shutters are the perfect bling of colour above the bed.
    Have a delightful day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Fresh! The splashes of blue are a lovely zip of colour for this time of year. Your new clock reminds me of the one that always sat beside my grandmother's bed when I was little. Sweet memories....

  4. Your bedroom looks beautiful, light, and springy. Love the added blues...

  5. I love the blue accents, they really give off a light, summery feel. The pops of black are perfect, too. Love the cabinet above your dresser, it's so organized!! :)


  6. I think that shelf above your bed is one of your signature things. I always love to see how you've decorated it.

  7. So soft and pretty Robin. I really love the blue blanket!

  8. This is so soft and pretty, Robin...and I love the shams you found!

  9. so sweet! i have the quilt that goes with your shams--it came from penneys a long time ago! happy weekend!


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