September 25, 2013

Pumpkin Pick'in

This time of year I tend to get a little Pumpkin Crazy!

I want dozens and dozens of them. In all shapes and sizes.

In the past I've had to struggle through the season with a handful at the most since I just can't seem to bring myself to paid the high price they tend to be around here.

This year I got smart and decided to grow my own.  
The backyard veggie garden that has seen more flowers than veggies the past few years was planted with four different sized pumpkins and a few gourds.  The only other thing I planted was a patch of Zinnia's which I can never been without during the summer.

The pumpkins were allowed to run wild, climbing and twisting their way though the garden however they wanted.

A few decided to go vertical and started growing up and along the fence which I thought was perfect and oh so cute.

The experiment was a success, 
however I was very disappointed to only get one Jack O Lantern sized pumpkin on a single vine.
Next year I will know to plant more.

The little pumpkins and gourds grew amazingly well.  I was able to fill up three buckets from only five pumpkin vines.

I'm already planning next years pumpkin patch.

Three buckets full is great but SIX would be better.

See what I mean,  Pumpkin Crazy!

Are you the same way this time of year?



  1. Wow those look awesome, congrats on your great harvest! Maybe I will have to try next year though I would have to make a locked up area as the deer eat everything around here. LOL Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day! :-)

  2. What a great idea to grow your own! I feel like they are quite expensive at the local pumpkin patch. We always just get a few...each of my daughters picks one to carve and then maybe I'll get some little ones to decorate our mantel. Maybe next year I will try to grow some too! :)

  3. Wow!!! Who woulda thunk????
    I have got to grow my own pumpkins next year ... especially if I can get even one bucket of them!!!!
    Great shots .... I'm jealous!

  4. OH this is fun to grow your own! I need a sunny spot!!

  5. Oh Robin, I love your pumpkins and gourd patch and they are fabulous! I need to grow some pumpkins I think. I end up buying many cans of pumpkin, when I could just make my own and use them for the varied desserts that my hubby loves so much.

  6. So excited about your pumpkin crop!! I don't like paying for the real ones at the store either...I was lucky and found some imitation ones at Liquidation World,,,,3 different colors about 5 of each for $4.00 per bag. I used some in my "fall display"and am happy with how real they look. Planting your own to see the results is a great idea as well!!

  7. Oh my! I love all these pumpkins!! I would looooove to grow my own!! So fun!!

  8. Oh look at those adorable pumpkins! I love pumpkins and food made out of them too! Beautiful images of Fall. Thank you for your sweet visit my friend. Chicken pie is my hubby's very fav pie, ever!!! Big hugs,

  9. Wow Robin these are amazing! LOVE the colors and textures, your hard work and efforts have paid off with such a beautiful produce!
    I am inspired to grow some next year, will be asking you for advice, since clearly you are the PRO! ;)

  10. I have never grown pumpkins--haven't wanted to allot them the room they would need...yours did well...maybe I will try some along the edge of our yard which borders the woods...if they grow, great, if not, I'm out a few seeds...thanks for the inspiration.

    Enjoy your pumpkin decorating and thanks for the visit!



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