October 23, 2013

A Hankering For . . . Flannel

It's flannel time here in Minnesota and I couldn't be happier.

The days are cool, almost chilly, the leaves are still falling and I'm happily digging out my flannel.

Flannel shirts,

Flannel scarves,

Flannel blankets,

You name it, if it's flannel . . . I want it.

I do draw the line at flannel sheets however, can't stand them, they are like a torture device to a flopping sleeper like myself.

In case you haven't caught the flannel bug quite yet here's some pretty inspiration photos to get you craving the warm, cozy, soft fabric that is flannel.


Don't normally love these colors together but like this!


Wednesday Wants: Wear It Now and Wear It Later


Kate Spade plaid purse

plaid pillow throw white living room wood fireplace Domino

Are you hankering for some flannel yet?

Tartan Love | J Jasmin Interiors

north carolina interior designer kathryn greeley uses flooring coverings to inspire how to dress your floors

Solid bedding with easy plaid blankets for accents....very cute!  Love the bedside table:)

-diy Pladi Book jacket via design*sponge

How about now?

I am.



  1. I love all things flannel and I'd freeze to death without my flannel sheets! Actually, when it reaches 20 below I put my fleece sheets on the bed, they are the warmest things EVER! I love plaids, and the hanging lamps stopped me in my tracks, how cute are they!?!?

  2. Love flannel and we live in Illinois and I am already pulling out the wool blankets. It's cold here! Great inspiration pics!

  3. Ooh I love all of these photos! I have one old flannel shirt that my husband used as a fishing shirt. For the last 30 years I have worn it when I paint...so soft and comfortable, and I can see every color I've ever used lol!

  4. Oh I love flannel. Your pictures make me want to go shopping!

  5. Oooh, I love flannel too-including sheets. Wonderful inspiration photos!

  6. Cosy with a CAPITAL "C!" I'm a flannel girl too. Can't wait to get into my fuzzy sheets every night now that it is so much cooler out!


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