October 30, 2013

Fun Finds

For some reason I've had great luck finding vintage Halloween candy totes the past couple weeks.  
Truthfully, I didn't even know I was looking for them.  Somehow or another every trip to the thrift store produced one or two that came home with me. 

 For now, I have them all stacked up on a bench in the dinning room but for Halloween night I plan to throw a glow stick in each one and scatter them around my front lawn.  I really don't know what else to do with them or what I was thinking to bring them all home.

Have you ever had an overwhelming urge to forget about all the work your supposed to be doing and go to the thrift store instead?

That is exactly what happened this past Tuesday.  As I wondered up and down the isles playing hooky I found this delightful ironstone serving piece.

It was the perfect for my collection as I had nothing that size and shape before.  I promptly added it to my hutch display as soon as I got home.

The last fun find of the week was this counter chair for a whopping three dollars.

I couldn't believe my luck.

I foresee a paint makeover taking place with it soon.

Have you found any great items for your home lately?



  1. $3????!!! Lucky gal, can't wait to see what you do with this one!

  2. Oh yes.. my "problem" is that i fond always something for my home.. I love to pamper my house!
    kisses and have a great and happy halloween!!

  3. A trip to the thrift store is ALWAYS a good idea! The chair is great and I love how the pumpkins look all stacked like that!

  4. Thrift store shopping is my favorite thing to do. I absolutely LOVE the tower of pumpkin buckets, so fun!

  5. LOL- Love all those blow molds! How fun they will look all lit up on your lawn. There are days when I am tempted to chuck what I am supposed to be doing and just go thrifting BUT because I am trying to pare down I have been doing better at NOT following that urge. xo Diana

  6. I actually like the totes stacked together. And the white ironstone was such a great find.

  7. I remember those pumpkin totes! I have an old ladder on display feel free to stop by the country and check it out. I like it ! and your latest little piece of white loveliness is great!

  8. Cute & yet a space saving way to display all your halloween bucket treasures!

  9. What a cute & space saving way to display your treasures! I love that they're all different too!

  10. Robin, Those halloween baskets look very fun stacked like that. I often have an overwhelming feeling that cause me to want to go thrift store shopping instead of working around my house. Sometimes I give into it and sometimes I don't.
    Your ironstone dish and chair are wonderful finds, good for you.
    I have gone through your Christmas posts and pinned a few images, I hope you don't mind, if you do, just let me know and I'll unpin them. I really admire your knack for putting things together in a very attractive way.
    Have a good day!

  11. I have a bunch of different colored halloween pails and I was thinking of making a totem next year. I love yours, I hadn't thought of putting a light in them tho, great idea. This year I planted fall flowers in them and sat them by the front door and back yard.

  12. Lucky you to find those goodies! I don't blame you for playing hookey to go shopping on occasion. LOL! What a steal on the bar stool!

  13. Those look so cute stacked up like that Robin! Such a great idea. Oh boy-do I love that ironstone dish. By the looks of it you really scored that day.
    sending hugs...

  14. Have I ever had the urge to forget about all the work, and go to the thrift store instead???? Haa! Just about every single day I'd say. I love how the pumpkins look all stacked up like that! Might have to steal that idea for next year.
    Have a great day!
    Erica :)


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