November 13, 2013

A Hankering For . . . Red

On any given day if you were to ask me what my favorite color is I could answer with any hesitation at all.

Hands down, forever and always my favorite color is . . . 


Oh sure, other colors like soft green, cheerful yellow, pale blue and gentle pinks all pull at me from time to time for attention.  I indulge them at certain times of the year because lets face it, sometimes it fun to mix things up a bit.

Their pretty hues are enjoyed for a while but all to soon the pull of red starts to call out to me and I start to crave it.

I adore light filled room, with an airy, cheerful feeling and plenty of pops of red scattered around.  It seem perfect for this time of year when the days are cold and often dreary outside.  Red is just such a cozy, cheerful color for me.

So today, as I start adding more of my favorite color to my decor I thought it was only fitting to share with you a few photos I've found lately with inspiring red.


I love everything about this photo.  Enamel ware, tea towels, plate rack, plates and wicker!  Farmhouse look at it's best.

VIBEKE DESIGN: En ny favoritt..i rødt & hvitt !

Red Ribbons

Wonderful painted floor in red and white parquet! Love!

gingham tablecloth with lace overlay



Source Unknown

love this red chest

big red house with great sun room and cute balcony off side..nice
Source unknown

Milk bucket

Inspiration in White: Red and White Linen - lookslikewhite Blog - lookslikewhite

The color red truly is lovely isn't it!



  1. I have a little red barn and that's about it! I sure like how you use red in your decor though! So many pretty source pics that you posted!

  2. Now you're talking about my favorite color too! When we moved to this house I tried to go more neutral but just had to bring the red back. It makes me happy.

  3. I love red - warm and cozy in the winter, nautical and patriotic in the summer - always a classic!

  4. Oh these are beautiful inspiration I think I need to pull out some red for the holidays!

  5. Be still my heart! I love red too! Cranberry red to be exact. Such awesome photos! Love, love, love the red & white painted floor, but love the rest too! The stack of towels is fabulous! Makes me happy just looking at them. Thanks for brightening my day!

  6. I could easily have written a similar post. Red is my color. Always has been. I do love some yellows and golds and blues and greens sprinkled in, and I've been yearning to add a dash of light pink, but am a little uncertain how to do that. But red just makes me smile. Beautiful photos of reds!

  7. Oh you are a girl after my own heart - I LOVE RED and have it in almost every room. I have a red sectional couch and I love it. I like all the wonderful pictures on your post. Red makes me happy.
    Have a great day.

  8. I love pops of red in decor, too!

  9. I'm in love with that first pretty! I'm thinking of going with red for my Christmas decor this year. I'm craving something cheerful.

  10. From one red lover to another, fabulous! Loved each and every photo. That floor is amazing! Red is such a warm and cheery color. You'll find it all over my home.

  11. Beautiful inspiration pictures! I can't say that have any red around, I seem to have even veered away from it at Christmas...sad, I know because it is a very cheery color:) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  12. Love the inspirations Robin and RED does suit you and your home. I'm more of a white gal and I'm dishing it out on my blog today! Have a great weekend!

  13. I completely agree with you Robin, I have almost always had red in my homes. Many years ago it was more a maroon shade and then a blood red, and now a clear apple red, but it has been there for many years now. Your inspiration images are very lovely. I ADORE the red and white painted checked floor!!! And the red and white checked tablecloth is very sweet too. I have lots of checked fabric left, I am thinking I will make place mats or runners for my table with it.


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