November 19, 2013

Folded Page Book Wreath

Good Morning!

I've had a few requests for a tutorial on the folded paper wreath I made a couple weeks ago.

Surprise, Surprise! 

 Today's the day!  Last night I put together a Christmas themed wreath just so I could take some photos of the process.  If your in need of a quick and easy wreath this is the one for you!  Takes no more than a half hour to make.  

The first thing you'll need to do is find a book that your willing to rip apart.  
You'll need a total of 27 pages.

Take one page, and fold it in thirds . . .

It should look like this.

Unfold one section, and add a bead of hot glue. . . 

Close the fold and press closed until the glue firms up.

Now go ahead and make 19 more of these.  
Happy Gluing!!!

Now that you have all your book pages folded it's time for the fun part of assembling the wreath.

To begin, take four folded pages and lay them on your work surface in a "T" pattern.  Glue them all together in the middle.  This will be your base.

From here, start layering the folded pages onto the base one at a time.

Here you can see that I have attached three folded pages.

I'm at the half way mark here.
At first the placement of each page may be a little difficult to determine.  I have found that keeping the tiny triangle on the outside edge of the wreath a uniformed size takes the guesswork out of the way and make a nice shape to the wreath.  Hope that makes sense, you can see below what I'm talking about.

Continue adding and gluing pages all the way around until you reach your starting point.  Overlap the final page onto the starting page.

At this point if any of your base pages are sticking out like mine happens to be the right side below, simply flip your wreath over and trim away the access.  While you have the wreath flipped over, if you think it needs it, do a little gluing around the center to firm the wreath up a little.  Just lift a flap of the book, add some glue and press.  Sometimes I skip this step all together - it's your call.

The next step in assembling the wreath is to prep the second layer.  Take your five pages and once again fold in thirds.  Then fold in half.  Add a little glue to hold the fold about half way up one side.

Lay all five of the pages on your wreath and play with the placement a little until you find what you like.
I seem to start by lining up one piece with the last page added to the first layer.  From there I stagger the remaining pieces in a circle shape.

Once you have the placement you like, set the wreath aside and assemble your final layer before gluing on the second layer of the wreath.  I'll do this to make sure that the second layer is spaced wide enough to be seen around the final layer.

For the final layer you will need the remaining two pages ripped from your book.

Fold the page accordion style starting at the bottom and working towards the top.

Next fold the page in half.

Glue the page into a half circle by running a small bead of glue along one edge from the fold to the outside edge.  Press together until the glue holds.

Fan open the page and it should look like this.

Repeat with the final remaining book page.

Now attach the two pieces.

The easiest way to do this is to gently unfold a tale from each piece. So it looks like this.

Add a bead of glue to edge of one side and place the edge of the other side one top.  Press until the glue holds.

Gently fold the two sides back together.  
As you do this add a dot of glue to the "valley's" of each fold.
Once you have one side done, flip the whole thing over and add glue to the "valley's" were needed.

Now you have both the third and second layer of the wreath assembled.  It's time to check placement and then glue it all on.

The final step of making your wreath is to add a little something to the center.  I picked a pretty Christmas sticker from my stash of scrapbooking supplies and a scalloped punch-out from another book page.  After simply layering the two together I glued it on the center of the wreath.  

Ta- Da!  

Simple right!  

You will need to add a ribbon or string to the back in order to hang it.

I'm thinking I may make a couple more to hang on bedroom doors for the holiday's.  They seem like the perfect size!

Hope you enjoyed this.  Now get out your glue gun and make yourself one.

Have a great day,


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  1. Looks so easy with amazing results! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. LOVE, Love, Love this wreath, Robin!!
    Mary Alice

  3. Very adorable! Great project for a craft night with friends. Thank you for sharing your instructions.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Love Love Love. And I think I could do it!

  5. This is make it look easy! Thanks for sharing the tutorial, Robin!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful Idea Robin! I have tons of old RD books that I can use for this! Must try !

  7. I missed this before, Robin. What a cute idea. Love it!!! xo Diana

  8. Very cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm loving using book pages in projects over the holidays too.

  9. That is great! Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!


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