December 4, 2013

Hand-painted Christmas Signs

I have wanted a Christmas themed hand painted sign for years!

I was determined that this was the year it would finally happen.  I finished them early last week so they would be ready to go when I am finally ready to start decorating for Christmas.

In my excitement I made not one, but two!

The first one is my favorite.

The second one isn't too shabby either.

I'll be sure to show off how and where I plan to use them soon.

Have a great day,



  1. Your so talented Robin! I wish I could do something so beautiful but I have the worse penmanship in the world! hahaha!

  2. Your signs are FABULOUS, Robin!!! Love them!
    Mary Alice

  3. Those are so cute!! I wish I would have started mine sooner, gotta do it this weekend (: I am thinking of something to go by where we have our nativity scene

  4. They are both awesome! Another thing to ad to my DIY list this year!

  5. LOVE, love, love them, Robin!! You did a beautiful job with these!

  6. O my goodness, Robin, you are very talented, the signs are gorgeous!!! I want one like the first one!
    Hugs, cindy

  7. I love your red & white painted signs, Robin! I can't wait to see how you display them in your home!

  8. You are making so many great treasures for Christmas this year! I still haven't made a paper wreath...
    p.s. I hope you can make it to the Auntie Cake sale in Elko!

  9. these are wonderful, robin! love them!


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