February 5, 2014

A Hankering For . . . Quilts

Here in Minnesota we are experiencing a very harsh winter, not unlike many of you I'm sure.

With such cold weather to deal with the family and I are snuggling in deep to our toasty, warm house.

More often than not, pretty quilts are on hand to keep us warm.

Which makes me think I should dive into my stash of fabric and start a new quilt.

So I've been looking for inspiration and thought maybe you'd like to see what I've found.

simple sawtooth star quilt pattern




fun scrappy quilt

simple quilting pattern on squares - <3 - Sew Katie Did   Just like a quilt I have that my grandmother did!

I'm not up to making this quilt yet, but someday I will have one like this.
It's been my favorite pattern since I was in collage.


Makes you want to dust off the sewing machine doesn't it!

bye now,



  1. Hi Robin, these are all so beautiful. Winter is the best time of the year for quilting . . . have fun !
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. I love quilts! I have a few that have been passed down over the years but have never attempted to make one myself. My favorite pattern is the last one as well...love red and white! You will have to post pictures if you decide to dive into this project!

  3. It sure does! I haven't made a quilt in years. But I've got such arthritis in my my hands I doubt if I could quilt a whole quilt. Love them all!

  4. I love quilts and could spend a fortune on them but I really don't need more than I already have. Have you seen the Hawaiian Quilts?

  5. I love quilts and I have to say, my favourites are the simple squares, nothing fancy just a nice stitch done on each one. I have made several for my grand daughter and daughter, but never one for myself. One of these days I will. And it will be like the second one that you have here.

  6. These are all beautiful, Robin! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!


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