March 12, 2014

A Hankering For . . . Spring Flowers

I may be getting ahead of myself a bit here since most of my garden is still covered in two feet of snow but I'm a hankering big time for some fresh cut spring flowers!

You can't have spring without tulips of course

wire basket  lined and filled with tulips

I love the white and pale pink variety the most.

Spring flowers pale pastel florals.... maybe as a surprise on a bedside table???

And then of course the amazing beauty and heavenly scent of Hyacinth are also just around the corner.

Hyacinth Ibis in pink bloom in spring

pretty spring flowers

Hyacinths. I have them in my front garden but they never seem to come up. I think our spring is too cold for them.  Pinaholics Chat Room Is Open  Pinterest Marketing  More Fashion at  Free Pinterest E-Book Be a Master Pinner

And then a while further down the road it will be time to gather my all time favorite spring flower ... Lilacs

Love this #decoration and #lilac

Lilac ♥ by loretoidas, via Flickr

Lilacs-this so reminds me of home and my mom.  they have a lilac bush at their house and loved when she would bring them in the house, LOVE

I can barely wait!



  1. You make me want to head to Trader Joe's to pick up some tulips this morning.

    The flowers you showed are much nicer than those I have around my house, but mine are all from my garden. Slowly, but surely, more and more of my plants are blooming.

  2. Me, too! I've been adding some spring green into the house...and I need to head out and get some spring flowers!!

  3. I can barely wait either!! This has been the longest winter ever it seems. Love looking at all these beautiful flowers...just makes me happy and eager to get outside in the yard but for now we can always decorate for spring in the inside:)

  4. That picture of the grey chair with the flowers (wisteria?) is new plants should be mature enough to bloom this year. So anxious to see the flowers again.

  5. Tulips are my fave but all of these flowers are gorgeous.

  6. Me, too! I'm dreaming of my container garden on the deck and cannot wait! Hope we'll get lots of pics of yours this summer. Your post today is so beautiful!

  7. OMGosh, Robin! What gorgeous- beautiful pictures. I am SO anxious for Spring now. xo Diana

  8. Beautiful pictures - love all the flowers. Mine are really blooming now and my roses are going nuts. I was out early 7:00 a.m. this morning and the roses looked to pretty with the dew on them - they were sparking. So I got my clippers and cut two bouquets for the house. I didn't even have my coffee yet - and Waldo looked at me like I was crazy LOL.
    The tulips are such pretty colors in your pictures - hopefully you will soon be having all your Spring flowers blooming.

  9. I can barely wait too! I think I smell a faint smell of lilacs. YUM!


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